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He’s a stud, she’s a slut! Picture this: a twenty-something single guy. Working in a job he enjoys. Paying bills. Living in a share house. Catching up with mates after work or on the weekends. Meeting girls either via Tinder or through his mates. He doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship. He… Read More [ #Opinion ] Image Shaming | #Guestpost by Sanch |

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I grew up surrounded by love. Doted on by Dida and Dadu (my maternal grandparents), with Choto Mashi (younger maternal aunt), stitching clothes for my dolls; and the two of us eating chaat together in the evenings. Life was very, very good. Both Ma and Baba (my parents) were working, but I didn’t feel short-changed… Read More [ #Opinion ] Body Shaming | #Guestpost by Anonymous |

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[ #Opinion ] Body / Slut / Image Shaming | #Guestpost by Riitu Chugh |

It’s in the genes I guess. A skeleton which weighs all of 69 kilos as multiple body analyses have reconfirmed. An inherited sluggish thyroid gland. And yet despite a thyroxin supplement and a reasonably ‘light‘ diet ( includes dairy and occasionally eggs ) but no non vegetarian food,  limited fat,  alcohol on rare occasions and… Read More [ #Opinion ] Body / Slut / Image Shaming | #Guestpost by Riitu Chugh |

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  I am a sucker for romance – I like reading romance fiction any day, any time – provided its good and not the cheezy ones. I like the ones that are fun filled, over the top, bubble gum romance and I also like the ones with pain and hurt – the ones that make… Read More | GuestBlogging | Book Review | Book2Movie | Me Before You | Jojo Moyes |