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Do Quotes have the power to heal? [ #Guestpost ]

What do you think about quotes as healers? Do you think these little nuggets of wisdom actually help one heal through the hurt and pain? Read on as Shilpa meanders through this post to question and seek answers for her pain.

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Purify your thoughts [ #Guestpost ]

Have you ever reflected on how your thoughts affect your happiness? To purify your thoughts, there are certain steps that can help you achieve it. Read on this intriguing guest post by Vasantha Vivek on self love and happiness

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Silent Spectators [ #Guestpost ]

Read about self love from Dipika Singh’s persepective as she writes about how we silently witness crimes against each other in public, without ever stepping up.

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Embracing my whole self is loving myself! [ Self Love ]

My blog turns one this September as a Self hosted blog and so I decided to kick up some birthday celebrations and invited people to write for me. My first guest in this series is Kashmira Mody -a life coach, yoga practioner among the many hats she dons. I had used her deck on well being for my #NaBloPoMo last November and they were loved by all!

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Shalzmojo turns One as a self hosted blog!!

My blog turns one as a self hosted blog and I am sharing my experiences for the past one year – my successes as a nascent blogger and the downfalls that I faced over and over again. I also give thanks to tonnes of peeps who helped me on this journey!

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How Wonderful! A joy workshop by Nithyashanti

On sunday I attended my first ever Joy Workshop by the very well-known motivational speaker NithyaShanti. It was an open session, hosted by someone at their residence in gurgaon (I didn’t know a single soul there; but there were some 100+ people attending the session) The very first thing that struck me about him was […]

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Life is a journey

As I start a new blogging journey with #MyfriendAlexa campaign, it leads me I know not to where but I hope not to anything less than satisfaction. I looked around and could see other bloggers already into the gear of get go before the starting gun went off, and here I am still struggling to write about something. […]

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