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#FridayFiction: The Great Switcheroo – part 2

#FridayFiction “You are not Pratyush?” Naina exclaimed in shock. What’s going on with this guy? “I am Vishwas and that over there is my friend Pratyush,” he said pointing to a table behind her where she could see a couple in conversation. Perplexed, she looked at her coffee companion. “Is this some sort of joke?… Read More #FridayFiction: The Great Switcheroo – part 2

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#FridayFiction: Man proposes, woman disposes!

#FridayFiction Naina picked up her favourite red hibiscus iced tea from the counter and found a comfy window seat in her favourite Starbucks. She wanted to answer some of her pending emails before her date joined her. Yeah, you heard it right! She had a date with Mrigank, 37 who delved into the mysteries of… Read More #FridayFiction: Man proposes, woman disposes!

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#FridayFiction: The “stand-up” comedian

#FridayFiction Still ruminating her luck at the Marilyn Monroe moment, Naina walked into Cafe DiGhent where her bookclub was meeting. Almost everyone was there, she could see all the books arrayed on the tables while coffee/tea was being ordered by all. Smiling her hellos, she plonked in the cornermost seat by the window from where… Read More #FridayFiction: The “stand-up” comedian

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2014- another year down!

My customary blog post on the year gone by is a bit delayed this year as I wanted to catch up one on one with friends first……….. So my new years eve was spent with one of my dearest cousin who is actually a soul sister despite a decade of age difference! A customary visit… Read More 2014- another year down!

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The prince who turned into a frog

I finally ventured out to watch Mardani on my own; and I am glad that I did. It’s brilliantly ‘inspired’ from the English film Taken and the actors have done full justice to the horrors of sex trafficking and child prostitution. The ease with which this is all possible; the police and politics power game… Read More The prince who turned into a frog