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Monsoon Extravaganza – Visapur Fort Trek [ #Guestpost ]

Read on about Saumy’s adventurous weekend trekking trip to the Visapur fort near Pune. I love the vivid greenery and mist featured in his pics.… Read More Monsoon Extravaganza – Visapur Fort Trek [ #Guestpost ]

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Glistening sunshine

As I lay in bed on a lazy Sunday, the rhythmic pitter-patter of raindrops on the window panes got me thinking about writing a post today. (I know it’s been donkey ages since I wrote something )  ♥♥ Why do rains make us so mushy? ♥♥ Hearing a romantic medley makes us moon about matters of the… Read More Glistening sunshine

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Dragonflies in my backyard!

One memory of my school days is when we would go back to school after 2 months of summer vacations, the monsoon would be upon on us and the school playground would be over run by wild grass which at some points would be knee-high. It would take the school gardeners a few weeks to… Read More Dragonflies in my backyard!

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Suncity – living amidst nature’s lap!

After an arduous search for a new house, I stumbled upon my current living quarters on the second floor of a house in Suncity. The deal clincher for this house was the airy feel and the greenery all around. A gorgeous view of the ridge which stretched on for miles. And no construction on three… Read More Suncity – living amidst nature’s lap!

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Chasing butterflies on a sunny monsoon afternoon

I was returning back home when I spotted clouds of butterflies, flitting on the wild flowers growing on the road sides. In fact, the roads were lined with these gorgeous daisy like blooms, ranging from deep orange to a vivid yellow. A backdrop of the blue skies with puffy white clouds smeared across them, made… Read More Chasing butterflies on a sunny monsoon afternoon