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A Tulip Garden in Sanasar, Patnitop | Travel Tales |

About Sanasar

Sanasar is named after the two small villages named after two local lakes, namely Sana and Sar. Situated at an elevation of 2800m, Sanasar is surrounded by lush alpine meadows and has some amazing views. It offers some aero-sports options for adventure seekers who can indulge in zipping, paragliding, abseiling and trekking. There are also some shikara style boats on the small lake which offer some boating excursions. The lake is teeming with catfish and you will find local boys selling kneaded dough to be fed to lure the fish to the surface.

sanasar-tulip garden- patnitop hills-kud=udhampur-chenaini-jammu-J&K - tourism-travel

Recently there was much to-do in Jammu thanks to the newly opened tulip garden at Sanasar , 20 kms from Patnitop. It was inaugurated by the Lt Governor of J&K in the first week of April this year. Approximately 2.75 lakh bulbs have been planted in an area spanning 5 acres. This is the second tulip garden in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir with the first one being in Srinagar.

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tulip garden- patnitop hills-kud=udhampur-chenaini-jammu-J&K - tourism-travel

Tulips have a very short life and need the coolness more than the sun to bloom and thrive. There had been too many sudden rain spells accompanied by hail and strong winds in April this year and by the time we headed out to view the tulips, much had withered away. We could literally see the ground littered with the petals of hundreds of such blooms.

tulip garden- patnitop hills-kud=udhampur-chenaini-jammu-J&K - tourism-travel

But even then we were able to realize the potential of such a garden and look forward to viewing it next year at the most opportune time. The planting rows have been demarcated very neatly and from the number of plants that were visible, we realized the magnitude of this development. There were some amazing colors on view and the size of the blooms was impressive. We had a ball capturing the flowers and ourselves in the same frame.

tulip garden- patnitop hills-kud-udhampur-chenaini-jammu-J&K - tourism-travel

How to reach Sanasar

Sanasar lies 20 kms from the famous Patnitop hills and can be reached by road within an hour. One can drive down from Jammu to Kud or Patnitop first and then head to Sanasar from there. It would be an ideal weekend trip where one can opt to stay one night in Kud or Patnitop too.

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sanasar-tulip garden- patnitop hills-kud=udhampur-chenaini-jammu-J&K - tourism-travel

Nearby places to dine

Sanasar is not very well stocked with infrastructure and other facilities. There are some roadside kiosks selling mineral water, packaged drinks and food but or the snacking variety.  So it would be wise to either carry a packed picnic to enjoy in this scenic location with friends and family. Or to head down to Patnitop and sample some local delights at the Shiva Cottage which also organizes packed picnic lunches on request.

Our recommendation is to combine the visit to Sanasar with an overnight stay in Patnitop. Carry some warm clothes and umbrellas as the mountain weather can be unpredictable, to say the least. Also bring along a thick rug if the plan is to have a sit down picnic as the ground tends to be damp at all times in this part of the world.

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6 thoughts on “A Tulip Garden in Sanasar, Patnitop | Travel Tales |

  1. This is so beautiful babe! I have been to the one in Amsterdam and that was gorgeous.

    Would love to visit J&K soon for beauties like this.

    1. Yeah it was so good to walk around here. I can just imagine what the Amsterdam one looks like based on the pics. Nothing compares to that for sure.

    1. Thanks Shilpa. It seems the government is set out to really build up the tourism here in J&K. So making the most of that.

  2. This is just beautiful. We went to the Kaas valley once which has meadows filled with wild flowers but this is a whole different level.

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