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Reflections 2023-Of quirky words & bookish endorsements

Phew!! It’s May 2023 and I am happy to report that I managed to complete this year’s AtoZ challenge. 26 posts in 30 days was some achievement for someone who hasn’t been blogging for almost two years. I think I lost my blogging mojo around the time Covid hit us all. Somewhere in December 2022, I had the inspiration to start writing again. I did make a pact with some of my fellow bloggers to stay accountable for writing. And so far it has worked.

Initially, I had a blogging partner in crime to do this year’s challenge, but she had to pull out due to a work emergency. We had both racked our brains with our quirky words list. So it was a total bummer when she abandoned her plans, but I guess it motivated me not to drop out and push forward. My theme was based on my reading variety, displayed through some quirky words. Each such word was interpreted as per my reading selections.

I did work on the graphics and planned about 15 posts before the challenge started. But somewhere between reading and reciprocating, the pace slowed down for me, and before long, I was playing catch up. I don’t think I stayed too vested in reading and discovering other blogs due to lack of time.

It is quite a task to come up with a theme, year after year and then pen down 26 posts on it. I attempted the challenge after a gap of five years and lots of things seemed different. I felt lost with all the lists and other stuff this year and didn’t really find many interesting blogs to read.

One in particular that stood out for me was Shilpa Gupte’s blog where she wrote short fiction daily. Her pieces were crafted so eloquently and each character sketch was painted with detailed imagery. If you didn’t yet, please do read some of them here

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Here is a list of my posts from this years AtoZ challenge, in case you are interested to read some:

Angsticipation – 5 most anticipated reads on my TBR 2023

Biblioklept- 5 steal worthy book editions on my wishlist

Cachinnate-5 books guaranteed to make you laugh out loud

Diversity- 5 regions of the world on my bookshelf

Elude-5 book genres I cannot seem to gel with 

Florilegium-My 5 favorite fantasy series that are a must read

Gastronome-5 books with food as the hero

Hackneyed – 5 authors whose writing failed to deliver

Irony-5 instances of irony in modern fiction

Jadoo- 5 books that hooked me into the magic of reading

Kaffeeklatsch- 5 authors I would love to have coffee with 

Linguistic- 5 translated bestsellers on my book shelf

Magnipend- 5 books that have stolen my heart forever

Neophilia- 5 books that I picked up for the hype

Ogle- 5 gorgeous book covers that enticed me

Portmanteaus- 5 historical fiction that tell a bewitching tale

Quean-crazed-5 recurring tropes in romantic fiction

Red herring- 3 instances of red herring in fantasy fiction

Suspense-5 books that kept me hooked till the end

Tortle-5 books that I couldn’t read till the end 

Ubookquitous-5 books where a book is the hero

Vellichor-Bookstores vs online portals

Warzlement-10 fabulous books-to-screen adaptations

Xenophilia-5 books that have scratched my travel itch

Yellowback-5 mass authors I grew up reading

Zeitgeber- Few Tips to economize my reading

Well that’s me signing off for this year’s blogging challenge. Perhaps I will attempt NABLOMOPO in November if I am in the mood to write daily. I look forward to checking out all the other posts for reflections for this year. Ciao until the next time and congratulations for completing the challenge!!

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For the uninitiated, AtoZ challenge is a blogging challenge wherein one has to write on every alphabet from A to Z and post on all days of April, except Sundays. Usually its better to devise a theme as it makes it easy to write the posts. Plus readers have a reason to stay hooked too.

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10 thoughts on “Reflections 2023-Of quirky words & bookish endorsements

  1. I didn’t find your blog until towards the end of the challenge. About the same time I found Shilpa Gupte’s blog. I enjoyed both and have added them to my Feedly list.
    Congratulations on completing the Challenge and thank you for visiting my blog.

    1. Thanks Kristin and many congrats to you to for successfully completing the challenge. Looking forward to more interactions from now on.

  2. So pleased to have found you via the AtoZ. I look forward to following you on Twitter and Goodreads.

    1. Thanks so much Jill. Look forward to many more interactions on books and travel. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

  3. Congratulations, dear Shalz, on completing the A to Z Challenge, and thanks a ton for the mention! That was such a pleasant surprise. I am touched.
    And, you are right. The paucity of time led to a slowdown after the initial few days. And I think it happened to almost everyone. The number of visitors trickled down to just a couple eventually. But that’s okay. My aim this year was to write 26 flash fiction pieces and do my best. I really love the genre and wish to improve my craft.
    I loved the graphics you shared for every post. And also the words, all of which were new to me, and I am sure to most other readers, too.
    Wishing you luck for your future blogging journey. 🙂 What’s your next plan for your blog?

    1. Your blog deserved to be mentioned Shilpa. The fiction was just marvelous and fulfilling to read. All the best with honing your skills on this and continuing to publishing anthologies and more.

      Glad to hear the posts and graphics were loved- graphics were something I really worked on before the challenge began and so so happy to get the appreciation.

      Next plan is a good question. I am mulling over writing a series of connected posts; fiction ofcourse. Let’s see if I can find the time and energy for this.

  4. Congratulations on completing the challenge, Shalini! I’m so glad that we were together on this amazing journey, this time! Loved your bookish posts and learnt so many new words too!! :)) Totally agree about Shilpa’s amazing stories…I thought they were one of the best pieces that came out for this challenge. I’m still juggling work, chores and caring duties with our two elderly moms at home so it has been tough taking the time out to read and comment on the other blogs esp during the challenge.
    So, catching up time it is, for me as well. 🙂
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing some really thoughtful and kind words on my posts. All those wonderful words from you and the others kept me going through the challenge and I’m so grateful for that.

    1. Oh dear your plate sounds loaded up at the moment. Take a break and chill some Esha. Priorities need to be kept in view and things need to be done in accordance with them only. Glad you wrote as much as you did. You really do have a knack for the poetry. But I am no expert and I just know that I loved the rhythm of your poems which were very soothing to read.

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