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Suspense-5 books that kept me hooked till the end

Suspense Suspense is the anticipation of a mystery’s conclusion or the puzzle’s final solution. It is quite a dramatic genre and keeps the readers hooked until the end. I am sharing five suspense-filled books that I have read recently. The first crime and detective book I read was Sherlock Holmes, and thereafter I was hooked… Read More Suspense-5 books that kept me hooked till the end

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Bookish Endorsements – Theme reveal | #AtoZchallenge 2023 |

Hola readers!! It is that time of the year when the A to Z blogging mania grips the erudite literati. Its been more than five years since I participated in this challenge, and am quite nervous about it. Bolstered by my notorious compatriot in arms books, Soumya Prasad a.k.a bluntpages on IG, we have decided… Read More Bookish Endorsements – Theme reveal | #AtoZchallenge 2023 |

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[Y] Yarn-chopper #AtoZ | Book Review |

Yarn-chopper is a 19th century nickname bestowed on a journalist who concocts or sensationalize his stories. He is also called a Yarn-Slinger as he is extremely verbose in telling a tale. I think I would give this apt title to Gerald Durrell after reading his roll-on-the-floor-wet-my-pants funny book – My Family and Other Animals.… Read More [Y] Yarn-chopper #AtoZ | Book Review |