TBR Chronicles – July reading joys

My reading list for July couldnt be posted on time as I was having some technical problems with my blog in August. In fact this month will see loads of reviews as I have been behind in posting them. July wasnt such a spectacular month for reading and I only managed to read four books at an average of one book a week.

Here, there and everywhere by Sudha Murty

I will start with the Sudha Murty book which I just had to pick up as soon as I spotted it in a book store. I have become an ardent fan of her writings which are simplistic in word but richly layered in context. She writes about real life anecdotes, featuring her mostly and each tells of a tale of struggle, joy or learning that is immensely satisfying to read. What is amazing is her zeal to write and make a difference in the lives of others. This is my second book of hers (that I picked up for a read) and its a gorgeous collection of short stories, each better than the other.

I would highly recommend her books to everyone for a read as they are inspiring and tell a tale of India and its citizens in the most liberal manner. My rating is a super-duper 5 star for this book of hers too.

You can catch my review of her book Three Thousand Stitches, here.

The Art Of Purring by David Miche

I became an ardent fan of Rinpoche, when I read the book The Dalai Lama’s Cat. This book is a sequel to it and is an equally delightful read. Miche continues the tale of the cat who was saved by His Holiness and now resides with him. This cat is sharing her views of the world she is in and how she is affected by it.

In this book His Holiness asks Rinpoche to contemplate on the thought as to why do cats purr, as he is leaving for one of his journeys. Alone without her beloved master, the cat wanders around the town and through a sequence of events and a melange of people, discovers the answer to this riddle.

It’s amazing how much calmness, zen and thought the author has managed to put into the dialogues of this book. He has also discussed two amazing books, written about equally amazing topics which also lead the cat to make her discovery.

4 star rating and a hearty recommend for this book to be read by all.

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Talk to the Entities by Shannon O’Hara

I was most intrigued by the premise of this book when A handed it to me for a read. It was the perfect book to start my hill vacation with as it talked about things/entities that one can see/feel when one is attuned to listen to them.

Basically there are beings all around us. We can call them spirits, ghosts, etc and they are the “left over” bits of departed beings. Some of them are good and look out for us while others are bad and can be destructive. We can all train our minds to feel them and follow their guidance to enhance our lives.

I can’t say the book lived up to its promise. The writing was that of an amateur writer who wasnt very coherent in aligning sequences of events and her thoughts on them in a proper manner. There was too much jumping around in the writing, to be able to absorb is calmly.

The topic was barely covered and explained, leaving me with so many unasked questions. I would hardly recommend this book to peeps even though I have rated it 3 stars. Pick it up if you are curious about it or the paranormal, but at your discretion peeps.

The Fifth Doll by Charlie N Holmberg

I have been tempted by the book blurbs of this author since ages but the books were very expensive. Recently Amazon gave out a free Kindle reading subscription and I found some of her books there. I downloaded this one and lapped it up in a matter of two days.

It’s a fantasy fiction set in Russia and has the nesting dolls as its core theme. A tiny village in some far out corner in Russia seems to be suspended between realms and its inhabitants cannot step out of it. A simple village man seems to possess a bizarre collection of wooden hand painted dolls, each with a set of three hidden inside it. The mysterious part is that every doll bears a striking resemblance to every villager; each one had a doll of their own. Who is this man? Why does he have these dolls? What happens when the dolls are opened?

A 3 star rating and you could catch the complete review here


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13 thoughts on “TBR Chronicles – July reading joys

    1. Oh thank you thank you for pinning the image – I have been doing it for others whenever I read a blog but so far mine werent getting picked up. This feels so so so awesome – thank you for doing that!

      Both these authors write with such a lot of wit and simplicity that reading them is a breeze. Gonna get the 3rd one in the David Miche series.

    1. Thanks Suzy- try out the Dalai Lama’s cat first as thats the first one in this series; there are 3 books in total. I am yet to read the 3rd one!

  1. I have been meaning to read Sudha Murthy’s latest. Will check out David Miche and move Sudha Murthy ‘s book from cart to checkout .

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am yet to read Sudha Murthy’s books. I was telling my husband the other day that I would like to start reading hers. Your review motivated me to check in the library today. I consider myself lucky if I read 1 book a month. 4 books is a luxury as far as I’m concerned. But I understand, those who read more books will not feel that way. Happy reading, Shalz!

    1. Oh you must read her Vini – her simple writing is fantastic as she is mostly writing about things that influenced her, her interactions with people/incidents/communities – I have fallen under her spell and am now looking to read them all.

      Yeah I hear you about the book reading numbers – I thought one book a week was doable and signed up for 50 books for the reading challenge this year but….. I think I will fall short by atleast 10 books!!

      Have some more good ones to read this month- lets see what I manage!!!

  3. You are on a roll Shalzmojo of reading, reading and reading on diverse topics. Right now, I am hooked to Miss Malini on her success story as a celebrity blogger, a must read for everyone, Lokmanya Tilak-freedom fighter and a nutrition book. Keep reading and writing 🙂

    1. Thanks Vishal- my reading is back to 2-3 books a month as of now; it was just in the vacations that I could manage so much! 🙂

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