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#MyMojo – 10 books that will get one out of a reading rut by Venice

Hey Peeps. Today I have a fellow blogger as a guest who is an avid reader but does get bogged down by low reading spells at times. So here is Vanessa Rowe sharing her list of books that gets her out of this reading rut. 

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Books have a way of evoking a range of emotions from you. They are steady companions through every phase of life. But sometimes, you fall into a rut. You just don’t feel like picking up a book and reading. Also, there are times when you’re at a loss at what to read. Your fickle mind refuses to focus on any book you attempt to feed it. At such times. It’s best to go for a light read. Something simple, fun, and yet engaging.

I have listed 10 books that are my go-to when I face a reading rut. They’ve worked every time, and get me back in the groove!

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  1. Five on a Treasure Island – Enid Blyton

The first book in the Famous Five series written by well-loved author Enid Blyton, this book is dear to me as it introduces us to the uhm, Famous Five 🙂 It is interesting to see how Julian, Dick, George, Anne, and of course Timothy meet, bond, and solve a dangerous mystery. Also, it is fun to revisit Uncle Quentin’s eccentricities, and Aunt Fanny’s loving warmth. This book is a great way to tickle awake your childhood memories.

  1. The Golden Rendezvous – Alistair MacLean

I love this book for its brilliance in containing action, wit, and cleverness within a hijacked sailing cruise laden with the wealthiest people in the world aboard it. MacLean does a fabulous job at keeping you hooked to the devious plans, counter-plans, and daring action as the doomed ship cruises its way across the Atlantic. Read it for the fast pace, interesting characters, and the nerve-tingling climax.

  1. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

Come on now, who can not be charmed by this evergreen classic? The warmth, love, and bonds in this book are ever endearing. The defined characters shine in their own individual way, their journeys through life capture the tiny moments and touch you. If there’s one book that can kindle a flame in your heart effortlessly, it’s this one.

  1. And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie

I remember first reading this book in school and falling in love with it instantly. The setting, plot, characters, and mystery are their finest in this book by the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie. The sinister poem ‘And then there were none’ in this novel comes to life with each of the 10 people, isolated on an island, mysteriously dying. The haunting excitement builds up steadily as you wonder, who next?

  1. Swami and Friends – R.K Narayan

The author of Malgudi Days binds a spell on you with this simple novel on Swami and his friends. The story captures the carefree, mischievous yet innocent days of Swami in a pre-Independent India. Swami is a typical young lad always getting into trouble and adventure without meaning to. R.K Narayan gives us a lot of chuckles and giggles as Swami goes about lazily navigating family, friendship, and schooldays. This book WILL get you out of your reading rut for sure.

  1. The Room on the Roof – Ruskin Bond

One of my favourite authors, I first fell in love with his story ‘The Eyes Have it’ and proceeded to devour his other books and stories. The Room on the Roof was his first published novel and it’s a pure delight to read. Ruskin Bond’s writing and description of the surroundings are vivid and almost tangible. Rusty’s adventurous youth, friends, living, love, and daily moments have a rawness that instantly imprints on you. Get a taste of local India in this captivating novel.

  1. Mulliner Nights – P.G Wodehouse

Truth be told, pick up any of Wodehouse’s books and you won’t be left without your stomach and jaws hurting from laughing. My favourite from Wodehouse’s works are ones that feature Blandings Castle, but since it was difficult to select just one from that series, I decided to share Mulliner Nights which contains nine hilarious short tales on Mr. Mulliner’s vast family. From a dyspepsia induced smiling nephew to a game-hunting prospective mother-in-law, this book will make you reach out to more Wodehouse’s books to laugh your guts out.

  1. Murphy’s Law and other Reasons Why Things Go Wrong – Arthur Bloch

If you’re feeling down in the dumps, and wish someone could just echo your feelings, give Murphy’s Law a read. This book has every single, sometimes secret, thought and opinion of yours noted down. Whether the line next to yours moves faster, or the doorbell rings just as you start bathing – this book covers every situation that goes wrong, but it leaves you with a grin on your face. Cheer up, bad things can be funny too!

  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Ken Kesey

This one is a thrilling read that will keep you riveted throughout as McMurphy (the new patient) with his rebellious swag challenges the staff, especially the tyrannical nurse, Ratched. I’ll just say this much, this book will shake you up and may evoke several debates in your own mind. Happy reading 😛

  1. Anne of Green Gables – Lucy Maud Montgomery

How better to end this list than a book about an orphaned girl whose unending chatter will leave you amused. It’s a feel good read as Anne goes about life in a care-free, spirited, and entertaining manner. Her vast imagination, infinite curiosity, bold red hair, and antics will brighten up your day as easily as blinking. It’s a tale of innocence and growing up that will carve a soft spot in your heart.

Sigh, well, that’s the lot for now. These books have always brought me back to reading whenever I lost touch with them. I hope they will be the same for you too.

Read on, and pass it on.


Venice 🙂


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9 thoughts on “#MyMojo – 10 books that will get one out of a reading rut by Venice

  1. I do pick up Agatha Christie or Wodehouse to get out of the rut. It always feels like meeting an old friend. The others sounds intriguing… Adding them to my list 🙂 Thanks for the list.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out Vidya- somehow her link didnt upload in the post. I have done it now and you can check out her blog too. Glad to know you liked her list. And lucky you that you dont get bogged down in a reading rut!! 🙂

  2. It was so refreshing to read this especially since I wrote on the same topic too! I’ve read most of them here and anything with Enid Blyton is enough to get back or to encourage someone to get into reading.

    P.S: Venice is such a beautiful name <3

  3. While I agree with most of your suggestions, I’m afraid I have to pass up PG Wodehouse. Somehow, I’ve always found his humour far too juvenile and never ever got a smile out of his stuff…..

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