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#Gratitude – Beginnings in January 2019

January is the month of new beginnings; a new year, new resolutions and probably a new you too!! Something about the new year that brims your cup with new spring and step. There is newness in everything around you and everything about you. Its time to put faith in the magic of new beginnings.

As I am writing this post, I am very aware of the fact that 2019 is less by 31 days for we are now in the second month of the new year. Time to do a reality check on all those resolutions one made 😉

Reading spree

Since I signed up tonnes of reading challenges this year, I began my year with very diligent reading. And I am happy to report that I read 6 books this month, each charming and engrossing in their genre. In a bid to cut down on buying books to save money and space; I have subscribed to a reading library. Now no more drooling in bookstores 😉 On the plus side I am also grateful to the challenges as they have added variety and speed to my reading. No it’s not about numbers; it’s about cutting my reading lethargy as I tend to get lazy.

Friend Zone

I began my year with some resolutions about refreshing old friendships which seem to have lapsed due to changing priorities and growing careers. First up was inviting my colleagues from 10 years ago for a lunch at my place with their families. It had been more than two years since we last met. The joy in meeting each other was mutual and abundant. Then was meeting my close family whom I have started seeing less and less of.

And my bestie of 32 years dropped in twice in January to make my month very happening. I spent one very blissful day with her in Dilli Haat – Khan Market.

Her second visit was spent worshipping the sun-god in Roots cafe where we enjoyed a hearty brekkie and then walked around the rose garden for hours.

Winter Games

God! I live for winters – that’s the only season I give a fig about. Well ok I love spring for the colours too but its the cold that’s got my vote for the ultimate king of all seasons. And Dilli Ki Sardi (Delhi winters) are infamous for the chill in the air, gorgeous winter goodies to munch on and the venues coming alive with outdoor events. Not to mention the winter blooms that deck up the NDMC roads and buildings in New Delhi. These are a sight not to be missed.

I crave the Kanji that my nani would put in winters; this year I decided to make some and Rachna generously shared her easy peasy recipe. Happy to say it came out pretty delightful and I have been sending her a thanks every time I sip on a glass.

Been spending my afternoons basking in the sun with a book, roasted peanuts and some Kinnow juice to much on. The sun worshipping has been at its hilt this year and I am just loving it.

Health & Fitness

Healthwise all has been well apart from a bit of cough and cold which too got over quickly. My thyroid readings were not good this month and that’s cause I got lazy with putting my magnets daily. Yup this sucks big time and I have been kicking myself over it. Back to it quite diligently and am actually glad it happened. I now have concrete proof that this therapy has been working well and is the only thing keeping the readings normal.

So the bad news is that I am bored with Yoga classes and completely ditched them this month. Good news is that I have started walking regularly for about 4-5 kms, four days in a week. In fact ever since I downloaded a pedometer app, I have taken to walking short distances that I would normally do by car. Accountability is a great morale booster and I don’t want to miss any opportunity to hit the mark on the steps counter 😉

Online time

I have visibly cut down on the social media time and though it affected my blogging time too, I was ok with it. In fact I loved the slow unwind from my online time and spent it reading tonnes of books. I will be back on the blog in February with some interesting posts – so watch out for them.

Winter Weddings

One of my dearest friends is getting hitched in mid Feb and we spent one afternoon in Chandini Chowk to pick up her wedding finery. It’s a smallish affair with close fam and friends and am looking forward very eagerly. Have planned out my sarees for the 2-3 functions I will be attending. In fact I picked up a gorgeous saree from Dilli Haat recently and cant wait to wear it. So excited for this and can hardly wait for the D-day!!

Ayurveda Studies

I am happy to report that after an initial bump in the road, I have resumed my studies once again. Exam results for the two papers I gave was positive and shall be appearing for the 3rd paper in May 2019. I am very grateful for finding an extremely dedicated and patient teacher who is quite keen for me to pursue this seriously.

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Beginnings in January 2019- gratitude- lamps- lights-tealights- cutwork- metal lamps- dilli haat

Well thats all from me for the new beginnings of 2019 and I shall keep you apprised of all the developments in the consequent months. I think this was a great month for me and hope its a sign of things to come in the year ahead. How was your January? If you have done a gratitude post, do drop me a hint in the comment section and I will head out to it.

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19 thoughts on “#Gratitude – Beginnings in January 2019

  1. Sounds like a lovely month especially offline. Reading 6 books is amazing as is reconnecting with people. Hopefully your health and fitness will be back on track this month. I am all for accountability. I fell off the wagon a bit too and hoping to get back on again. Happy to be accountability partners if that helps. I’ve signed up for personal training for a little bit so that I can have some accountability as well. Here’s to a wonderful Feb for you!

    1. Thanks Sanch- yup accountability is the key and yes yes to you being my partner in crime in that. I so badly need to be pushed for this. I am hoping to get my health back under control by March. I cant believe how careless I have been.
      Personal training sounds brutal – all the best with that. 🙂

  2. Keep learning and honing the skills. The most important thing for us yet so many tend to ignore education at some point. Reading is more a pleasure and like you was on a record spree not to prove a point but avoid killing time where we end up doing zilch. Enjoyed reading your January month and wishing you a fab February!

    1. Thanks so much Vishal. Yeah reading was just superb in Jan and am hoping to continue this spree into feb as well.

      1. Same here. I downed 8 books, including an incomplete one from last year plus 2 very small ones. I went on a spree since reading took a downbeat and was losing too much time. Preeti Shenoy through her sharing was a much positive influence 🙂

  3. You have had an amazing month and I wish you have an amazing year as well. That’s a lot of reading and a good number to start with. I have to get my reading back on track. I think it is great to get in touch with friends who we have stopped talking to just because we got busy. I wish you all the warmth with your family, friends, good food, festivities all the year long.

    1. Thanks so much Shubhra- yes its just awesome to be able to connect with one’s dear friends as they know you inside out and are the perfect mirrors to reflect back on!

  4. Yay, for January, Shalini! Glad you got to meet friends. Congratulations on your results for the two Ayurveda papers.
    Winters are gorgeous, no doubt about that. I love all seasons, really! Each one comes with her own specialty!
    Dilli Haat – such a lovely place! I last visited a few years ago and remember buying several khadi kurtas.
    Great going on the reading front!
    As always, thank you for being part of the Gratitude Circle.
    Sending you love and best wishes for a great Feb!

    1. Thanks for your amazing circle Vidya- so much love and positivity in my life since I started taking part in it!

  5. I must say a salm and collected January for you. When it comes to reading, go easy and enjoy the process, though I must confess I get intoreading sprees too. Anyways its all about enjoying it right. Delhi sure gets beautiful in winters especially south Delhi. Best time of the year to enjoy the city. Cutting down on online time is somehthing I have done too. My time online is to read a few blogs and to write my posts. I hardly interact much on personal Social media posts. But it keeps me sane, and I get time to pursue other passions.

    Hope you have a wonderful Feb too Shalz…

    1. Thanks Ramya – yes cutting down online time has been a bliss esp to my reading! And dont worry – no spree here as I alternate between reading 6 books and then none for a month 😉

      I have been genuinely enjoying the winters and now the onset of spring has brought the flowers out in abundance. Every street is a pretty sight.

  6. I love all your pictures especially the last one with lamp shades. It is a pretty sight. Cutting down the online presence and investing that time reading sounds like music to my years. (I have been listening a lot of music off late.) 6 is an impressive number. Catching up with genuine friends, basking in the winter sun of Delhi NCR and witnessing the winter bloom, I miss the winter of India although there was practically not much of winter in Bangalore. In our case, D and I are done with the gloom of the winter here. Our prayer is “Ab bas bahut ho gaya.”
    I haven’t written a gratitude post for January yet my biggest takeaway from the past month is there were no bad days of anxiety going out of control. It was the first complete sober month. Also, I was fairly egular with blogging, reading and writing book reviews. I know as long as I am reading and writing, i will be good 🙂 I also have to thank you for always speaking kindly of my book reviews. You have been truly encouraging.

    1. Hey Anamika – thanks for such a lovely comment. I love chatty and long ones 🙂
      How blessed does it feel when we can say that there have been no bad days in the month for us – touchwood on that and pray it continues. I hear you on your wniter blues – so much cold can be disheartening when it comes in such a huge pile. Me – am happiest in the cold and if I could, I would move to Alaska or Lapland or Iceland….. 😉

    1. Thanks so much D – that means a lot!! Yes I have been focused on my health and fitness since sometime now and decided to give Yoga a rest for a while.

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