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[ #MondayMusings ] Self entitlement is not the shortcut to success; so stop raining down on my parade!

Self entitlement is the most self centered attribute a person has who feelws he deserves everything without ever working hard. Such people rain down on everyone’s parade. Today’s Monday Musings explores this ugly attribute and wonders how to get rid of it.… Read More [ #MondayMusings ] Self entitlement is not the shortcut to success; so stop raining down on my parade!

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Imprints on my heart [ #writebravely ]

Imprints on my heart is the final post for the problogger challenge and I am delighted to write about all the things/moments that make me happy! I am combining this post as my Gratitude and chatty blog post for the month of October and hope it will be well received. Read about all my grateful moments in this month as I am blessed with goodness in people and moments.… Read More Imprints on my heart [ #writebravely ]

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| #ThankfulThursdays | Silent Gratitude |

¬†#ThankfulThursdays¬† The Latin word Gratus means thankful or pleasing and is generally attributed to be the source of the English word Gratitude. In our life there are many people and circumstances who/which can be credited for defining us. While growing up it’s our parents/ siblings/ educators who have taught us innumerable lessons, helped us patiently… Read More | #ThankfulThursdays | Silent Gratitude |

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Thankfullness Ahoy!!

¬†All through¬†2016 I have been moaning n groaning about how terrible this year is being to me. I ranted at the divine and¬†blamed the universe for pushing me so hard. When the turmoil settled in deep, I got used to it and started going along with it in a zombie like trance. ¬†Eventually…………………… I snapped!… Read More Thankfullness Ahoy!!