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#Gratitude – A novel November

Well, Hello December! How I was waiting for thee as I just love winters…. So time to wrap up last month on the Gratitude circle blog hop. November was a slow month of sorts for me; it’s literally the transition from autumn to winter mode for me. So laziness was prime and I just went with it for a while. I think this month was all about being social for me, which happened after a long time. So yay for that!

♥ Health & Fitness

Since laziness had reared it slow poke ass, I simply went off gym for a while. Well to be fair to me, I did give it a go but then the customary seasonal pollution increase, made me stay at home. I was also down with a terrible cough and cold which further deterred me from going. And from there on, the lazy bug bit me good and hard. So I decided to take a bit of a break and start anew from December – fingers crossed!! 😉

I had switched to alternative medicine last year and was grateful to see some amazing health results via it recently. I was down with a terrible sinusitis episode and instead of chugging copious amounts of Allegra, I got over it without any drugs in my system. Thank you Ayurveda ♥

♥ Blog News

I havent been too active on the blog in November as I was busy prepping for the December blogfest which will start on my blog from 3rd December 2018. This year 14 bloggers have signed up for the guest post activity on my blog. So the month went in setting their posts on my blog even as I made graphics and wrote posts for them too. Phew!

BTW Alexa has moved to a new low of 462,932 / 30,959 – only through consistent blogging. I have recently started working on both Pinterest and Instagram and was happy to see both stats moving in the positive direction♥

♥ TBR Progress

Oh I am sorry to report that this month was just not it for reading. I hardly managed to complete two books and that also because they were paid reviews that I had taken on. I ended up not doing the review of one book as it just didnt gladden the cockles of my heart and the author was loath to get a “bad” review. ♥

♥ Social Front

I have started spending festival times alone as I feel this is my chosen lifestyle and I might as well just get used to it. I do get a little zazzed up to see so much activity in other homes even as I struggle with laziness to just do the basic Pooja. So it was such a delight when Sups & her mom invited me over for Diwali dinner. Laziness forgotten, I dressed up to the nines and sashayed my way over to their home. I was pampered with loads of love and delish home cooked food ♥

Damyanti is a blogger friend since some time now; when she mentioned she will be down here from Singapore for a short trip, we had to make a plan to meet up. And I am so glad this happened for not only did I meet a genuinely nice and warm person. But she introduced me to a wonderful NGO doing some amazing work for slum children.

I went out for a visit to their centre and was just blown away by the Project Why initiatives and work. What enthusiasm and sheer grit they possess. I am hoping to make a difference here in my own little way. Grateful for the opportunity to meet the team and know more about them.

I got invited to the very first CULT social in Delhi and was delighted to go across to meet Esha- my fairy godmother at CULT. It’s all thanks to her that I have a new regimen for gym. The party was a fun affair and the food was superbly yummy. So grateful to be one of the lucky peeps to be invited for it.

My sweet neighbour dropped in with a bowl of freshly made hot kheer – oh yum! It was polished off with great delight by yours truly. In fact this month has been all about indulging my sweet tooth for I ended up making some Besan ke Laddoo which I had been craving since 15 days. Thanks to all my blogger friends who were posting such yummy pics of ladoos. I followed Rachna’s recipe and they turned out absolutely perfect. Thank you so much!♥

Travel looms ahead as I am heading to Mumbai for a short trip. Plans to meet loads of online buddies, partying with siblings and going through the city like a bona fide tourist.

Wish me luck and I will be surely telling you all about it in my next post.

Okay dudes and dudettes, thats it for me for this month!! I am looking forward to seeing my Secret Santa surprise in December! Gosh I just love this month to bits.

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16 thoughts on “#Gratitude – A novel November

  1. I am enjoying all your Instagram updates! 🙂 You have been socially active, meeting so many blogger friends!
    Absolutely love the mission of Project Why. Thanks to Damyanti got to know about it too. Great to seei you involved!

    Much love!

    1. Hey that’s awesome to know. You have disappeared a bit- haven’t seen you in a fair while now.
      Yup the method been fun. Started my year with meeting you

  2. Hope you are enjoying ur stay in Amchi Mumbai and quite a few happenings I see. Do let us know in a post how alternate medicine works and its entire benefits since I went off my statins for cholesterol by having lemon water. Next test, I will soon gauge the progress made and see the next plan of action. It’s always good to be surprised with a bowl of kheer 🙂

    1. Hey yes the Mumbai trip was seriously wonderful and fulfilling. Gonna do a few posts on it soonest!

      I will DM you about the alternative meds – its a wonderful thing and a bit slow though. So one needs tonnes of patience. I have been on it for a year and would reccomend it to you for sure!

  3. Sounds like a lovely November and the social scene seems to have been the highlight 🙂 Glad to hear your health is improving. It was really nice meeting you last week and I’m so glad we made it happen! Congrats on the growth in the rank – all your hard work and consistency is paying off. Hope December is amazing!

    1. It was aweosme meeting you too Sanch. Yes Health has been an issue this year and am so grateful its under control and doing well.
      You stay in touch and take good care of you Girl!! Loving the book so far – thanks once again for it!

  4. I just read a gratitude post on Sanch’s page and then this…It is so heartwarming to read a post like this… I think I should do it too. When someday in the future one looks back on posts such as these, one can imagine the flood of memories that will rush to embrace them!
    Delightful post, Shalz!!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

    1. Thanks Shubhangi – thats the beauty of these posts. They make one reflect on things in a very beautiful manner! Do join in, it will be wonderful to read about your blessings too!

  5. You’ve had a wonderful November Shalz. I am loving your Insta journey too. Meeting friends is such a boost to us. You’ve had a lovely month on that front too.

    As a person who is interested to travel all over India, your tales keep me delighted. Remember the one about the camel? I loved it. Most of your travel pictures makes me happy. I know one fine day when I visit them I can rely on you to cross check my travel plans too. I am wishing you a superb December.

    1. Thanks so much Jayanthy for some glowing comments about my posts. I am so happy to hear that these are valued so much by you!

  6. Ah, you got to meet so many bloggers! I’m officially J. But I’m also very happy for you! 🙂 Great going with your blogging as well, Shalini. Here’s to a fab December.

    1. Hey Shalzz! Meeting so many bloggers was one of the best thing of November and these are some of the warmest ones for me. I have been interacting with them since years and meeting them was so sweet and lovely!

  7. Its so nice to meet so many blogger friends, you are really lucky!! Festivals and travel, so many good things in a month is blessings. Its very nice to see and read guest posts. Happy blogging Shalini. Wish you happy and great days in December.

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