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#Gratitude -Changing seasons bring in new joys / Nov 2019

Linking up with Vidya Sury for the Gratitude circle as I recount how blissful and happy November has been for me. The last month of the year is upon us and I want a lot of quiet and peace in this one. Probably get a lot of reading done in December and perhaps some travel.… Read More #Gratitude -Changing seasons bring in new joys / Nov 2019

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#Gratitude-Nurturing my world in October

Joining in the Gratitude circle for the month of October 2019 and it does begin on a worrisome note as I taken in the world happenings around me. But I promise that it gets better…….… Read More #Gratitude-Nurturing my world in October

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#Gratitude-September brings that winter wali feeling

Its October and another month of this year is over. Actually now only 3 more left before we begin the final countdown to 2020. This is my gratitude post for the month of Septemeber 2019 and I am linking it with the Gratitude circle as hosted by Vidya Sury… Read More #Gratitude-September brings that winter wali feeling

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#Gratitude- As Sheldon would say it, Bazinga!!!

August 2019 Gratitude post and I have borrowed Sheldon’s favorite word-Bazinga for it. This month didnt have any significant achievement as such but was fulfilling in so many ways. I just love doing these posts as they let me count my abundant blessings.… Read More #Gratitude- As Sheldon would say it, Bazinga!!!

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#Gratitude – The Secret Ingredient is YOU

“There is no secret ingredient. Its just you”. – Kung Fu Panda Remember this phrase from Kung Fu Panda when Poh gets his hands on the dragon scroll and is eager to find the secret? The scroll is blank or rather its polished surface reflects his face back to him. I was struggling with some… Read More #Gratitude – The Secret Ingredient is YOU

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|| #Gratitutde | March Musings

End of March which btw is my birthday month and turned out to be quite a social do. Not complaining – it was the perfect month by far in the year for me yet. So here are my musings from March in yet another Gratitude post. Hope you have been enjoying reading these so far.… Read More || #Gratitutde | March Musings

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#Gratitude – A September to remember!!

I am back with my monthly Gratitude post and this month its for September which has truly been a month to remember with all the blessings that came my way. Do read on all about it and drop me your links to the gratitude posts you have written this month.… Read More #Gratitude – A September to remember!!

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#Gratitude – August Rush

August 2018 was a wonderful month, full of blessings and glad tidings that couldnt have come at a better time. Read all about it in my gratitude post this month as I join in on the Gratitude circle once again. Writing these posts have been therapeutic for me.… Read More #Gratitude – August Rush