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[Gratitude] June Joys

A brand new month is just set to roll in, marking the end of half of the year. I had much to celebrate in June and give gratitude for, something I am eternally grateful to the almighty ♥

Contributed to a book

Last year I had participated in my first ever AtoZ blogging challenge and had chosen travel as my chosen theme. Somewhere in September, I was contacted by a Mumbai based foundation which was publishing a travel book called Musafir and wished to have some of my travel posts in the book. Needless to say, I was thrilled to bits about it. The book was launched in Mumbai in April 2018 and has contributions from about 30 travel bloggers from all over India. I am so over the moon and cannot wait to hold my copy in my hand ♥

Musafir travel book blog post contributions by Shalzmojo India travels Published in a book Mumbai Nirvana foundation June Joys

A dragon called GDPR

A new blogging policy called GDPR brought about a flood of tears to the tech retard in me and its only with the help and support of my blogging heroes like Sid and Shailja that this dragon was tamed. Much gratitude and good Karma to them ♥

Health & being pampered

Dad health bounced back and I could finally take him home – Phew!!! The vanvas was over for both of us and traveling home meant bestie time. I could demand my fav dishes to be cooked for me, taken on long drives to familiar haunts and loads of catching up. One such day was spent on the stairs enjoying the rain drenched evening with my bestie with a hot cuppa on the stairs while Mother nature drummed out a gorgeous symphony – reminded us so much of our younger days when this was a daily routine ♥

Fitness with Cult

I was feeling the need to go for yoga sessions at 6 in the morning and once again Cult stepped up to accommodate me to amend my package to my comfort. I am so grateful for joining this wonderful fitness organisation which seems to be run by true blue professionals.

Mid june also marked 3 months of joining Cult for me and it was a WOW moment of achievement for me.

Book Bonanza

Anamika gifted me so many books – how kind of her to keep picking books for me. Not just any books- each is unique and was a fun read for me. Spending a leisurely  afternoon lunch with her was such bliss – her unexpectedly sweet message to me just filled my heart with so much love ♥

Coupled with the Bday books and the one Anu gifted me; I ended up reading 5 books this month and was overjoyed with that ♥

Baby Joy

Met this little bundle of joy finally in June when I could finally get a breather to visit Jo. Little babies are such a comfort to cuddle with and we celebrated with a lunch outing in the Gaon ♥

bundle of joy in june at pasta bowl Besties at lunch in saree swag

It was also a day to renew the Saree swag which I did in style with candy pink cotton saree – I swear I had a bounce in my step that day ♥

Art Project

Finally I reached the finish line and could say it’s over. Yes Miao is ready to be launched with a bowl of popcorn for my next movie marathon day on the bed. Such a sense of accomplishment to complete this tray and now start a new project ♥

june joys in gratitude wth art project mosaic being completed with Miao in full splendour

Misc News

♥ The much in need of repairs colony roads, finally got repaired while I was away. I didn’t have to face the fumes, noise and diversion nuisance at all.

♥ Got a brand new pair of specs and managed to find a red coloured frame that made me super-duper happy.

♥ Caught up with loads of friends and family – something which was on hold for past two months.

Thats it for me for this months joys; if you have written a Gratitude post – do mention in the comments and I shall hop across to read.

Ciao till next month!

june joys baby gratitude new glasses mosaic art project lunch published in a book tea saree swag rains pampering

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19 thoughts on “[Gratitude] June Joys

  1. Absolutely gorgeous gratitude list in colour, variety, depth and sincerity , Shalini. So glad your dad is doing better! Chai on the steps watching the rain come down sounds like total bliss. I saw this lovely table on your Twitter and Insta feed and was blown away. How beautiful! Such a sense of achievement no? Congrats on the gym anniversary. You’ve had a splendid June and I Pray that your July is even better. Always lots of love and hugs to you. Keep shining 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Shy. It is indeed been a blissful month by far for me and I hope to conquer many more such milestones this year.

  2. June Joys truly. Glad that your dad is well now. Congratulations for Musafir. The catty mosaic tray looks awesome and you have been reading a lot too. Great going Shalini! Wishing you a Jazzy July 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the feature Shalini! Successes such as these are what makes a blogger truly happy. I can see your happiness reflect in so many forms in the month, with your art taking form, and yes, cuddling with babies. They themselves are a joy that they fill our lives with more of it. 5 books this month is a great number. Read away and enjoy each one of the books,

    1. Thanks so much Ramya for all the praise you have heaped here. Your comment has made my writing this post successful

  4. Shalz, you look pretty and young with that cute little kid. Happy to read about your June gratitude list. Hope July will bring you more happiness and joy into your life.

  5. You are on a roll Shalz, congrats on becoming an author, Dad’s health bouncing back and poser you are with this little, cute munchkin…things that brings in positivity. Keep rocking.

  6. This was so nice to read. So happy that your dad is doing better Thanks so much for finding the time to help me with the Reiki sessions despite the busy schedule. Congrats on being featured in the book. Always perfect to receive books I tell you! Hope your July is panning out well.

  7. A relief that your dad’s good. And you do look stunning in the Saree! makes me want to pull out one of my own and drape it around. But I would be a disaster with two kids in the tow. The art project is a show stopper. More power to your girl!

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