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#ThyroScare – What I went through when I discovered I had Thyroid

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For this year’s Bar-A-Thon I have decided to chronicle my ongoing battle with Thyroid and decided to call it ThyroScare. I guess you could call it a marathon of sorts to overcome this disease.

Exactly a year ago, I was diagnosed with Thyroid that turned my life upside down in more ways than one. I have decided to start out this new feature on my blog to share my trials with this lifestyle disease which can cause quite a blow to self-esteem first and body thereafter!

Hoping to reach out to others to aid them in being aware about the issues with thyroid. I did a lot of R&D on the net and off it too, to understand what it is and why it struck me and how do I cope with it in future too.

But first up, what is Thyroid?

There is a tiny butterfly shaped gland located in our throat that regulates the body metabolism and through that influences the growth and development of the body. This is the Thyroid gland.

In a normally functioning thyroid, T4 (Thyroxine) is the main hormone secreted by this gland and when this mixes into the bloodstream, a part of it gets converted to T3 (Triidothyronine) which is the most active hormone.

When the production of thyroid hormones is affected, the hypothalamus in the brain releases a thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) which in turn pushes the pituitary gland to produce thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) which promotes the production of more T4.

A under active thyroid results in under production of T3 & T4 leading to a higher TSH number in the body. This is called Hypothyroidism and is the most common form of thyroid which generally affects more women than men. Its marked with weight gain, hair loss, dry skin and overall fatigue.

Often Hypothyroidism occurs in conjunction with auto immune disorder, where the healthy thyroid cells attack the body – this is called Hashimoto’s disease and takes quite a toll on the body.

An overactive thyroid leads to over production of thyroid hormones, resulting in an increase in metabolism. This is called Hyperthyroidism and is not very common in occurrence. Its marked by weight loss, feeling cold, depression and overall fatigue.

Common Symptoms & Signs

thyroid cause symptoms thyroscare TSH T3 T4 Bloating water retention
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Blood Test to check Thyroid

A simple blood test is done by drawing out a little blood which is analysed for TSH, T3 and T4 levels.

Normal range are:

TSH: 0.4 – 5.0 mlU/L

T3: 0.8-2.0 nmol/L

T4: 58-161 nmol/L

Thyroid controls a lot of our body functions; from digestion, excretion, reproductive to hair growth, stamina and sleep, to name a few.

Can you imagine the kind of disruptions in the body if this gland is disturbed? I couldnt and never could figure out why people with thyroid don’t work out enough as they seem to be constantly putting on weight.

Its only after going through it for past one year, that I have come to realise the challenges this issue poses in the body. I have been rendered weak, helpless, dejected and fearful by it initially – you will read all about it in the subsequent posts; hope you do stay tuned in for it.

Did you know about this disease? Do you know of someone going through it?

This post is in response to DAY1 of the #Bar-A-Thon and you could all the posts here

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34 thoughts on “#ThyroScare – What I went through when I discovered I had Thyroid

  1. Hey Shalz when I accompanied my husband to the diabetologist he thought I had Hashimotos and advised me to do a thyroid function test. For the past 18 years I’ve been in Thyroxine to supplement the TSH but I don’t think it has mad any difference to anything. I am still fat . I still feel tired and my bones still ache.
    I often wonder if this problem really exists or it is just another scam.
    This is my personal experience and I still take my medication , do my exercise and monitor my levels . While the levels improve it makes no difference to the symptoms .

    1. Oh that’s sad Sunita that nothing seems to be working. Stay tuned, I will share how it slowly started working for me. World I’ve docs don’t diagnose it right. Just having thyroxine is not enough though it’s what the doctors prescribe all the time. it’s actually a farce. Read on to know more. I will be sharing from other people’s experiences too. You will be amazed to read it all. there is light at the end of the tunnel – will chat on DM with you for more.

  2. I’m guessing you’re struggling with hypothyroidism? Just based on some previous conversations/posts. I’ve known some people to have it and I knew one person with hyperthyroidism. It really sucks when your body starts to work against you. I’m assuming most treatment is lifestyle stuff as opposed to medications but will wait to hear more. Sorry that you are struggling though!

    1. Thanks Sanchie. Yup it’s hypo for me with a bit more thrown in. It’s a lot under control than a year ago. Thank you for your concern and wished my dear. Hugs

  3. This is an informative post Shalz. I have been thinking about going for a thyroid test since i am experiencing some of these symptoms mentioned here. I hope u will be writing more about this for us.

    1. Thanks Deepa – you must go for the test and also get the Vitamin D and B12 levels checked along with the complete thyroid profile. All the best and stay tuned for more.

  4. I hope you are doing better now, Shalini. My sister had thyroid. I don’t know what sort exactly, but it is under control now. I have been hearing many of my friends and a few in family suffering because of thyroid problems. I think it is safe to get tested. Take care you!

    1. Thanks Vini – yes its all under control now. I have been very diligent about looking into stuff that can help with this as there is hardly any good research into this disease. Glad to know your sister is doing better at it.

  5. Oh, hypothyroidism is on a rampant rise these days. Perhaps it’s the lifestyle to blame. And it’s said by many doctors that a borderline thyroid condition is actually more dangerous than a problem that’s detected. A borderline value is often ignored or overlooked for normal & the person doesn’t work up to keep it under control, which in the long run, may harm his normal body functions.

    Hypothyroidism is also affecting a lot f pregnant women these days. If you ask 4 pregnant women here in Bangalore if they’re doing well, at least 2 would tell you about their thyroid condition.

    I hope it’s fine with you now, Shalini. This is going to be a very interesting series & I appreciate that you took such an offbeat but really important topic to discuss about.

    I’m really looking forward t it!

    1. Thanks Ashvini for such a positive feedback- I wasnt aware of so much rise of Thyroid in pregnant women – I guess this is all the cause of pollution and our stressful lifestyle. We seem to be ingesting more plastic than anything else but without us knowing it.

      Thryoid is said to be brought on by genes / poor diet / stress and lifestyle!

  6. I am looking forward to reading your posts. This will be informative and I am sure will help many. My parents have hyperthyroid so I am susceptible. Also, doctors say that there is no known cause of excess or deficiency but it goes in the genes. I know that a couple of Yoga techniques can work on the gland. Look up bandhas.
    Hugs and hope you are able to manage this well.

    1. What is Bandhas Parul? I am not sure I got the drift here.

      Hyperthyroidism is equally bad and causes a lot of damage in the body- I hope you keep regular health checkups and stay updated about your levels.

      I have been doing diligent yoga since 15 weeks now and can proudly say that its helped immensly – will be writing more about it in the later posts.

      1. Search for Jalandhar Bandha. You will find how to do it.

        Jalandhara Bandha regulates the circulatory and respiratory systems, stimulates the thyroid to balance metabolism, and is said to cure all diseases of the throat.

        1. OOOOOH nice – I didnt know about this. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Will research it!

  7. Oh, that took me 2 years back. I was diagnosed with a very very high level of TSH at the time of my pregnancy. Doctor said we have to see after 15 days of medication, otherwise we cannot continue with the pregnancy. OMG , those were the days. It’s good to know you are doing good. Take care.

    1. OMG that sounds so so scary; I hope all went well Nami?

      Yes Thyroid is a damn scary disease with very little info around on it – makes it worse as docs dont seem to take it very seriously and make everyone pop Eltroxin pills.

      1. Yes, Thanks to the positive forces up there. My daughter is now 16 months now. But yes those times are the hardest. And doctors play a vital role. I was lucky getting a good doc.

  8. This is an interesting theme – and you are right, we here the terms thrown around, but i for one have never really understood it. I did go get my own checked recently as everything seemed to point to a thyroid issue, but it wasnt so – so now we are onto other investigations.
    but this does explain a lot of some of our own conversations as well.
    I am glad you have found the root of the problem and are now taking remedial steps.

    1. Thanks Ish – yes it was a nightmare come true for me and a huge struggle to cope with it.
      I am glad your tests didnt come through for thyroid; hope you are able to pinpoint on what the issue is! Hugs to you to dear!

  9. I’ve heard of this disease, but don’t really know that much about it. I’m sorry you have to deal with this, but also can’t wait to learn more about it and read your journey. I hope your doing well.

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