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Every situation has an expiry date | Gratitude |

Joining with Vidya Sury in the Gratitude circle every month to share the gratitude for the joys received in the month gone by. If you have written a post too, please drop it in the comment section and I will get to it. … Read More Every situation has an expiry date | Gratitude |

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April Showers & Sunshine!!

Before April hits the calendar, there is major excitement in my life as I gear up for the #AtoZchallenge which is a month-long writing fest. I did this challenge for the first time last year and since then, have been hooked to it. So planning began a little early (it has to) but towards the… Read More April Showers & Sunshine!!

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December was when Santa came calling!!! [ Gratitude Post ]

A gratitude post for giving thanks to the blissful December 2017 with prayers for continued bliss in 2018!!!… Read More December was when Santa came calling!!! [ Gratitude Post ]

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Imprints on my heart [ #writebravely ]

Imprints on my heart is the final post for the problogger challenge and I am delighted to write about all the things/moments that make me happy! I am combining this post as my Gratitude and chatty blog post for the month of October and hope it will be well received. Read about all my grateful moments in this month as I am blessed with goodness in people and moments.… Read More Imprints on my heart [ #writebravely ]

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Come September!!! [ Gratitude Post ]

My monthly gratitude listing post and this month its September 2017 that I am reviewing for all the good, bad and the ugly!! Do tell me how your month was and if you have written a post on it, pls do mention it here in the comments!!… Read More Come September!!! [ Gratitude Post ]

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Gratitude Post – July 2017

“Gratitude is more of a compliment to yourself than someone else.” Raheel Farooq I have been missing out on writing my Gratitude posts since a couple of months; blaming it on personal issues rather than laziness to write 😉 But life has been good and blessed and I have loads to tell you. Maybe its… Read More Gratitude Post – July 2017

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The struggle ends when Gratitude begins!!

So often we forget how and why we got something we desired that the moment we get it; the thanks gets lost in the excitement. This April I had  huge changes in my life and watched it all unfold with a bowed head to the almighty for his generosity. (I could finally say “someone up there really… Read More The struggle ends when Gratitude begins!!