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The struggle ends when Gratitude begins!!


So often we forget how and why we got something we desired that the moment we get it; the thanks gets lost in the excitement. This April I had  huge changes in my life and watched it all unfold with a bowed head to the almighty for his generosity.

(I could finally say “someone up there really likes me!!!” 😉 )

Moving home: Not a pleasant task by any means! My landlords of four years decided to renovate their premises, forcing me to move. Inwardly shuddering at dealing with the dastardly broker behaviour (yes they are a pain here in Gurgaon; especially when you are single and a woman!) and the inanely intrusive potential landlords who will look you up and down while deliberating over your “character” (after all why would a single girl wants a 2/3 BHK?). Not to mention the 1000 chakkars to view filthy hovels which the broker thinks are perfect for a “single” madame.

Guess what? No broker! No Landlord! No running around at all! Best of all no questions!!

Two angels (read family friends) reached out by looking in their society and finding me a house, replete with landlords who are known to them. And what a beautiful home it is, surrounded by bursting to blooms Gulmohar trees – all of which are home to a dozen birds and squirrels who wake me every morning with their chitter chatter. (I stayed with the angels for a week before my stuff was all moved in and set)

Love thy neighbours: The day of the moving, a harassed me was looking at ways to not lose it with half a dozen surly, rude and Jaat men who were hell-bent to teach me how to do things!!! A soft knock on my main door and this lady enters with a tray of namkeen and a huge mug of tea. Introducing herself as my neighbour, she offered me water and anything else I may need help with. Thank you god for sending that angel so that I could regain my sanity by letting go of the temper. A little while later, my second neighbour (I have three) dropped in to introduce herself, exchange numbers and leave with her offer of help with anything.

Abundance: While rearranging my balcony, I realised that my plants are all flowering – from the mogra to the canna to the lily!! The greens were all burgeoning and I realised I will have to trim and clean them all out. I have never seen the mogra plant have so many flowers in one go! It’s as if my plants are loving this home a lot and so thriving out in pleasure. (Previous home, these plants had stopped flowering from past one year despite manuring and soil change, etc)

Friendships: April had started off on a sour note with me having a funny tiff with two new friends. We seemed to have gotten on like a house on fire and then…….!! I was very upset and hurt – kept mulling over the why but got no answers. I decided to not rake the issue and got on with my life as I made a conscious (but not a very happy) choice to let go of them and the fight. I give thanks to the universe for my sensibility, for I realised later, I was being manipulated in a very strange way.

Just when I was feeling sorry for myself, my actual friends started dropping in on weekends to come and appreciate my new home, making me realise I have so many GOOD friends already!!!!

AtoZ mania: Missing the annual blogging challenge last year had made me note the date for this years and I started out with a bang at it. I am amazed at my momentum throughout this challenge of 30 days where I wrote each day on a pre-selected theme and how my writing got appreciation. I crossed the finishing line in a glorious flourish of self achievement. I didn’t falter at a single post writing and had 3000 views on my blog – so a 100 pair of eyeballs per day on what I wrote.

So I end April with a huge thanks to the universe for taking away my struggles and blessing me with angels, april showers and blooms of every hue!!

How blessed has your april been for you?

I wrote this post inspired by Parul’s Gratitude list


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31 thoughts on “The struggle ends when Gratitude begins!!

  1. Can totally imagine all the hassle! Especially in a city reeking in patriarchy 😐 love the way you have seen silver lining throughout 🙂 More power to you!

    1. Thank you so much Divsi – I just surrendered and went with the flow this time and it worked like a charm!!! 🙂

  2. So good to hear that you found a place where your plants are already blooming. That’s a good sign. Isn’t it? Happy for you! In the concrete jungles that we live in, nothing better than a green home and good neighbours.
    Friends are sure a blessing.
    Thank you so much and I am glad you were able to write this post. Gratitude truly ends the struggle within.

    1. Thanks Parul for your inspiring post that made me reflect on my blessings which do seem to be plenty!! 🙂

  3. Anyone who’s ever undertaken a house move will agree it’s one of the most challenging life events, both physically and emotionally, that anyone can go through. Moving house represents a transition in life, it’s about change and unfamiliarity and for many people that causes stress and anxiety. Most of us like familiarity, routine and order. When you’re moving, you have none of those. Plus it causes a ripple effect of change throughout your life. You’re not just changing your home and getting to know the new one, you might be in a new area, you have to find so many things. I am glad you are now settled in your new home and Wish you have many good moments.

    1. Thanks my dear Romz for that hearfelt empathy – sounds like you have been through a few shiftngs yourself too! 😉

  4. Good to hear about your new home, Seems like your plants loved it too.. Congrats for completing A2Z challenge Shalini 🙂

  5. Moving houses can be nightmare and you’ve been lucky to be able to find a lovely new place. I love gulmohar trees..happy settling in. Isn’t it just great to see plants flourishing…great news on friends and neighbours too and blogging challenge…all in all an interesting month. Live it up in May too!

    1. Thanks so much Vibha. Its been pretty adventurous so far in April; longing for a break in May from the madness 😉

  6. Moving homes can be pretty challenging. Glad that you had a smooth ride and met a great neighbour and some wonderful angels too.
    You had an amazing April and here’s wishing you a marvelous May, Shalini. Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much Shilpa; its unsettling at first for sure but then one starts to like it a lot!!!

  7. Indeed an eventful month for you. But I am glad that everything has fallen into place. Finally, all’s well that ends well. Wish you more peace and tranquil at your new home!!

  8. DO such lovely people exist these days, I was awed reading your experience. You must be a very positive person shalini to have attracted such wonderful people towards you – more power to you girl!

    1. Oh Menaka what a lovely thing to say. Thank you. I hope and try to be positive n avoid friction, unpleasantness and small mindedness. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Gratitude posts warm my heart for the absolute joy that they bring to the fore. I’m so very glad that you found such wonderful neighbors! That’s a big plus with a new home.
    Your blog was one of my favourites during the a to Z and although I didn’t visit every day, I truly appreciate your regular visits to mine and the support all through. Blogging is about making friends and for me, you’ve been all that and more. Wishing you joy, health and happiness in the new home and many more years of blogging too, dear Shalini.

    1. Shailaja I can always feel the love and warmth oozing out of your words. Thank you for such lovely thoughts about my blogging and me. I am truly humbled and gratified reading this. Joys and hugs to you 🙂

  10. I think that we all have to go through some struggles so later on we can appreciate what we really have. Good thing everything worked well for you!

    1. Thanks Elena – things do have a way of working out, its we who lose sight of the picture or our patience!! 🙂

  11. How true is that! We can automatically stop ourselves from complaining, by just being grateful.

    Thanks for the encouragement,


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