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Come September!!! [ Gratitude Post ]

” Death is a distant rumour to the young.” – Andrew. A. Rooney

A very unconventional way to begin a gratitude post, talking about death. But thats my biggest news in September as my maternal grandfather passed away this month. He had begun ailing in july this year at the age of 96 and it was a painful two months for his children, especially his daughters. I would hear the anguish in my mom’s voice every time I spoke to her. I could only console her with the thought of how well he has lived his life and that all his kids are by his bedside at the moment. His passing, is the passing of an era in our family and I am grateful for the way he lived and how he died.

gratitude-september-chatty-blogs-friends-durga-puja-amritsar-goldentemple-house-warming Since I had gone home for his funeral rites, I got a chance to catch up with all my besties whom I miss the most while living away from home. They pamper and love me so much when I am there, making all the time in the world to fulfil my demands; be it home cooked meals or driving around town to our favourite road side joints. I try to drive down to Amritsar each time I am in Jammu as it’s a 3 hour drive to the Golden Temple and I simply love going there. Yes, its my besties who give into this wish too.

I was gifted a really gorgeous fuchsia Kurti from FabIndia by one of my cousins while I was home this time. I managed to find two gorgeous pairs of juttis in Amritsar to team up with it. Yay!!!!

While on the flight from Delhi to Jammu, I bumped into my 12th class English teacher who was happy to chat with an old student and we passed the flight time in reveries and news of batchmates and teachers alike. It felt good to meet him after such a long time; even greater to find him happy to chat with me.

This month saw a new cooking maid and she has been a true blessing as she is a joyful and hard worker. I am loving having her in the kitchen each day.

The house-warming party at a newly made friend’s house (Supriya) was such a blast and I thanked the good lord to connect me so many wonderful gal pals who live near me and are a phone call away!!


Supriya invited me pandal hopping (I had been bugging all my bong friends to do the needful this pujo) as her mom was visiting town. She had hired a car and diver and away we went to different pandals in Gurgaon. I loved the way her mom explained the rituals and significance of the deity setup in the pandals. At the end of the night when I tried to dutch the expenses, I was told not tonight. Aunty especially told me today I am with her. Oh man I loved the pampering so much. Cant express enough gratitude for this blessing!


Last but not the least, my naming of this months gratitude post is a tribute to this much-loved film “Come September”, starring Rock Hudson. This is the first movie I saw of this yesteryear heart throb and needless to say I was bowled over by his charms! This movie has also “inspired” many a Bollywood ones, prime one being the Shammi Kapoor starrer Kashmir Ki Kali ! I  loved both of them equally though I drooled over Rock Hudson more! If you havent seen either, I recommend you do!

Well that’s it from me for my September’s gratitude list. How was your September? Share some of the things you were grateful for this month. If you have written a post too, pls do mention in the comments and I will definitely hop over to share in your thankfulness!!!

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20 thoughts on “Come September!!! [ Gratitude Post ]

  1. I’m so glad to read your post the first thing this morning! It made me happy!! So, even though you had a mixed month with a loss to begin with, but the many beautiful moments shared with so many important people who you’ve had/still have in your life makes it all the more worthwhile! I’ve had a mixed month, but all the same grateful that I did have a good time over the pujo! Family was a big support too! I got the Come September theme song forwarded by many friends this time! And yes, Rock Hudson was iconic…he was so dashing and what a presence! The theme song incidentally is one from my childhood, as my parents used to play those vinyl records a lot at home when I was a kid, and it always brings back fond memories.

  2. Condolences on your grandfather’s demise. As you mentioned, it was indeed a blessing for him to have had all his children by his side during his last days. Good to see that apart from this you had a wonderful September. Hope you have a much better October. Advance Deepavali greetings to you! 🙂

  3. Seems that September ushered in cool stuff except for one! But I am sure that even you would be content that your grand dad finished the chapter on earth very peacefully and must have lived life to the fullest! Please accept the heartfelt condolences on behalf of Team MocktailMommies. May his soul rest in peace.
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  4. Sorry to hear about your grandfather’s passing. You’ve had a very full September. You know Golden Temple is a favourite of mine as well. i can keep going again and again. Having a good person to cook for you is always a delight. Wish you a lovely October and Happy Diwali!

  5. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your grandfather. He was surrounded by family, which was good. The other stuff sounds good, such as your wonderful new cook! Your pictures are beautiful! You asked what September occurrences I am most grateful for. Well, there was a surprise visit from my nephew, who lives in California. My family had a wonderful day in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada. That was pure delight. Also, my birthday is in September and I got treated to delicious lunches and dinners! So, all in all, September was sweet. I hope that you have a wonderful October. Thank you for reminding me about gratitude.

  6. Sorry to hear about your grandfather’s demise. But indeed a life well lived is something to be grateful for. Living in a foreign land I always tear up when talking to my Nana Nani…it has been almost a year since u met them. I know the anxiety that comes with age and the inevitable thought that lingers…

    Lovely post and hope you have a cracking October! Love!

    1. Hey Aditi so good to see you after ages!! Thanks for the lovely comment and yes the thought does haunt and I hope you get to spend loads of time with them! Grandparents are really so special arent they? Goes with the territory I think 🙂

  7. This was my first time writing a gratitude post and I found so thereupatic- I am now making a list of all the small things like the kindness from strangers in an unknown land so that I don’t miss them in my October gratitude post. You have had quite an eventful one, sorry about your grandad but happy that you could meet your friends and teacher

    1. Thanks Aks! Ever since I started keeping a gratitiude journal, its been easier to write the post. And writing the journal helps a huge lot in getting through the days and generally being happy!! Wish you all the luck to continue with yours!!

  8. This gratitude post is such a good idea, I just need to remember writing one at the start of the month 😛 You seem to have had a blast! Wishing you many more fun moments

    1. Thanks Neha! Yeah I got hooked onto it courtesy some of the other bloggers whom I follow. Its actually a great thing to do!

  9. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, may he RIP.

    Finding a great cook is like finding nirvana trust me. So, I’d say you had a very fulfilling September.

    May your October be even more awesome.

  10. Sorry to hear about your grandfather’s demise, Shalini. A life that was well lived and loved is a blessed one. September sure has filled you with many little big joys, Shalini. Hope you will enjoy a fulfilling October too. 🙂

  11. An eventful September it was for you!! Sorry about your grand father, may he rest in peace.
    Friends can brighten up your days. It’s so wonderful that you have such lovely people in your life. Stay blessed and wishing you the best of the festive season, Shalini! 🙂

  12. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I know what you mean when you say that it feels like the end of an era. I felt like that when my last grandparent passed away. But on the other hand, I was in my late twenties then, and I am grateful to have had her for as long as I did. 🙂

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