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My piggy bank of gratitude [#MondayMusings ]

piggy-bank-gratitude-coins-blessings-shalzmojosays-chatty-blogs-monday-musings-bloghop-prayers-thankfulnessDo you remember having a piggy bank as a child? I would comb the dressing table and side tables in my parents room for any loose change to feed my hungry pig. It’s no surprise then that my pig would soon be full. I can still recollect the satisfying feeling of counting the stash and making a list of things to buy. I used to feel so rich!!

Writing a gratitude journal is somewhat akin to putting the loose change collected during the day, into a piggy bank; I normally write it down at bedtime when it’s easier to sift through the days events. Reading my journal at the end of each month, makes me feel rich and satisfied with my life. One of the best things about writing a journal has been that I now spot the silver lining without looking for it too hard.

Let me share some of my thankfulness news from August via my journal.

Moving home

This time it was my blog which needed a new home; I was terrified of the change. You see, I am a severe tech retard. But that’s when the universe colluded together and I got help from various quarters like my blogging community, online friends and yes Google too. I am proud to report that my blog has been moved (Ahem!! by me) and is now ensconced on Siteground’s server. Praise the sweet joy of achievement!! 🙂

Health Report Card

Blessedly my thyroid levels have come down significantly and I am getting my stamina back in pace. I have started my morning fitness routine and trying to stick to it through the tiredness and laziness 😉 Healthy eating is another joy that I have managed to inculcate in my lifestyle, thanks to the new help.

Blog Fest

I had a successful run in yet another blogging festival in August; this time via #WriteTribe. I found many new bloggers and added scores of friends even as I admired yet more writers. And yes I blogged on all days and made it to the finish line too. 🙂 Icing on the cake was the Amazon voucher I won on one of the lottery days in the fest. Yay!

Circle of friends

I seem to have become enmeshed with a close circle on online friends, all of whom live in the near by vicinity, making it easier to manifest impromptu get togethers. Best part is, we are independent, intelligent and mature women who love to call a spade a spade.

Home is where the heart is


I am finally settled in my new home and enjoying playing host to peeps has become the new thing with me. Ofcourse I love to revel in the lavish praise folks heap on my home decorating skills – have been asked my recently moved friends (3 of them) to go over to do their homes too. Adulation at its best – just the way I love it 😉

I feel very blessed to have gotten this house and am loving the rains, gulmohar trees and endless cups of tea as I pound the Keyboard in my home office – yup I have one of those too 🙂



I cannot express the unadulterated joy of seeing your creativity come to life; that’s what doing up my cousins retail store did for me. I am loving the way its shaped up; more importantly how much my sister is loving it. Everyday she shares the positive vibes expressed by her clientele over her store, which makes me bask with glee!!

Well that’s it for me; I look forward to reading your posts of fulfillment and thanks. Do share with me your thoughts on mine 🙂

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29 thoughts on “My piggy bank of gratitude [#MondayMusings ]

  1. Combing around the house for loose change to feed your hungry pig! You were a cheeky kid 😀 A technical retard like me understands your joy completely on moving your blog to a new home. I love the photo of your work desk and the ones of your house too. Healthy body and circle of friends living nearby are a blessing.
    Cheers to the new month, September 🙂

  2. What a fab month you had, Shalini! The highlight in August for me was shifting and settling in this new home and cooking after two whole months! 🙂 Here’s to a great September!

  3. I too am planning to change my blog host simply because the Domain hosting ( go Daddy ) is up for renewal. Should Icontinue the hosting with Go Daddy ? I would also like to do this on my own as I have got rooked by a “blog consultant”. And how did you get your Thyroid levels down ( Sarvangaasan? ) . And your house is looking good – the green wall and the fire engine red!
    I used to participate in a Gratitude journal but often felt I’d just write and not go public for fear of the ‘evil eye’.

    1. Sunita Go Daddy is reputed to be t he best in domain registry; if you transfer it to another host – pls remember you might need to pay transfer charges + renewal charges – so research this a bit before moving. I am registering mine with GoDaddy as HMB does not want to do it for me – so moving it this week.
      My throid levels have come down thanks to a good doc, meds and diet change plus some exercise thrown in the mix. I havent explored this asan and will research it some more to try it out. I do want to try yoga for my thyroid!!
      Thanks for the praise for my house; I love hearing these words 😉
      Share only what you wish to share and tweak it a bit to not share what you feel might get the evil eye!!! Anyways keep a gratitude journal for yourself and not to share with the world – keep it as private as you would like it to be

    1. Thanks Mahek – I love my piggy bank and he normally hold my coin collection from all the travel tips and is indeed very rich inside 😉

  4. Every time I read gratitude posts, I think I should keep a journal too. I did about 18 months ago but it only lasted a couple of months. It’s lovely to see all things you have had going for you this past month.

    1. Thanks Sanchie- I hope you do find the power of a gratitude journal; dont write in it everyday if thats whats pressurises you! Write weekly or monthly or just whenever you feel like it – thats what I do!!!

  5. Yeh… that feeling of being rich with stacks of coin…its still so fresh in my mind too!
    Drooling over the concept of the piggy bank of gratitude!!!
    Many congratulations to you for your new home and new site for your blog!
    -Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

    1. Ha ha ha!! As a kid its one of my most cherished memories coz money was something that was earned by us; when I see kids today with the amount of money in their pockets- boggles the mind!! 😉

  6. I also had the same piggy bank in my childhood days. This reminds me some of my memories on how I used to collect coins from my grandma and grandpa. And now my daughter used to collect coins in her Barbie bank.

  7. I am glad to hear that you had a great month, Shalini. Writing a gratitude journal is something I too must start soon.

    P.S. You should really share some of those home decor ideas on the blog. I personally would love a sneak peek.

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