Whats in my Work Bag? [Guestpost]


What’s in my Work Bag?

My typical work day could consist of an office day which could quickly get converted into a site visit too. For this reason, my work bag is one of the heaviest as I need it to multitask to suit my schedule. Oh I forgot to mention, I am an Interior Design Consultant.

So let’s peek into this bag and see what goodies does it hold? Fair warning, I am a quirk hoarder and lust after pretty looking things which I then have to pick up.

The Work Bag

Whats-in-my-bag-guestpost-shalzmojosays-purse-wallet-handbag-work-coins-money-phone-makeup-pouchThis is a funky green (oh my love for colours) carry-on bag that I happened to pick up from the street market in Singapore, many moons ago. I fell in love with its sturdiness and the colour of course. I loved the smart striped pattern on the inside of the bag.

The Inside:

Yup that’s what the inside of it looks like and you bet your bottom dollar, this is one heavy-duty bag. I love collecting small pouches of all hues and design as these are so convenient to pack my tonnes of stuff into. Makes switching a bag so  much easier as I have to do is take out the small bags and dump into a another handbag (tell me aren’t I smart!!!)


  1. A scarf to glam up my look (also used to wipe sweat if at site 😉 )
  2. My wallet – it’s got Kashmiri crewel work on it which I picked up from Srinagar.
  3. A hairbrush
  4. My I pad in its sturdy leather case
  5. Portable Battery charger
  6. A cloth carry bag (just in case I need to pop into a grocery store on my way back)
  7. Another pouch with Kashmiri work which houses cables, etc.
  8. A notebook to make notes (this one is handmade out of elephant poo paper – I swear, I kid you not!!)
  9. Visiting card holder
  10. Ok one more Kashmiri pouch which houses my day makeup and stationery items.
  11. A bottle of water (I pop it into the fridge and put it into my bag just as I am stepping out)
  12. Dabur Gulabari (it gets very dirty at the sites and I need this to freshen me up)
  13. Can’t do without my Samsung J7 phone
  14. My coin purse
  15. A kutchi worked spectacle case for my second pair of eyes (picked this up from Dastakar haat)
  16. A hair scrunchy
  17. My trusted Raybans (Whooooo!!! Aviators)
  18. A tape measure, very important for my work at site. (This one is from Napa Dori)

I guess you would want a little peek into the three pouches as well? Why not – I got nothing to hide.


The Essentials:

Make up comprises of a few sturdy essentials like:

  1. Eau-de-toilet spray that I had custom-made from a perfumery store in Kochi.
  2. Blush & brush
  3. Lipstick to match the outfit for the day (or simply my mood)
  4. Kajal liner
  5. Forest Essential lip balm (I just love this one)
  6. Clinique lip gloss (to glam up my look)

Stationery is simple a few pens in different colours, a Shaffer’s ball point and the tape measure. And I normally have some mint toffee (Fox’s) for a little sugar rush!!!

This one holds my iPod n buds (when I have to wait endlessly for my clients/vendors to turn up) and cables for charging the phone and pad.
The coin purse that I happened to pick up from Kala Ghoda in Mumbai. I loved the fact that I can open it from any of the zipper to access the coins.



And last but not the least, my keys!!!

Well that sums up my work bag. I hope you liked peeking into it. What do you think of my eclectic love of all things handmade? Perhaps you would want some of these goodies?

This post was written as a Guest post for Zainab and was first published on her blog on 30th august 2017

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18 thoughts on “Whats in my Work Bag? [Guestpost]

  1. That was an interesting sneak peek into your life. Oh and I use the multiple-small-pouches-inside-the-big-bag system too, and I love the convenience!

  2. You’re my kind of girl Shalz. I have almost the same things in my bag too which I carry in pouches. But being much older and with different needs, I carry my medication at all times. I also carry photographs of my family members for different ID purposes ( you never know when you need one). But you are right, a bag does reveal a lot about a person – you seem to be organised and ready for any emergency.

    1. Hi five Sunita!! No wonder we get along so well 😉
      I can understand the meds and other stuff that you have included in your bag. With growing age my list of things have undergone an overhaul too and I have become organised with this. Earlier (read younger) I would just toss some stuff and thats it….

  3. I felt like the security checker at the entrance of the mall who asks you to open your bag and then study its occupants! But, I simply loved seeing all the goodies you carry in your wonderful bag! Especially loved the coin purse…so neat!

    1. Ha ha !! Thats hilarious one Shilpa; security checker!! Waise they are not so thorough in checking; they just rummage very briskly through a purse as they have so many to see.I love that coin purse too; I found it really quirky and unique and it still works after 6 years – very good quality!!

  4. Whoa! That’s a lot of stuff!!! I’m impressed your shoulder doesn’t hurt after all that. It was cool getting a sneak peek though and I love the idea of little pouches for different stuff. I did one of these sometime last year too but probably only have 6 to 8 items! 😛

    1. Ha ha ha – it does hurt thats why its a carry hold and not put on my shoulder! More like a briefcase hold onto it. Work bag is the heaviest as the day needs to switch between site and office/social day!! My normal bag is not so heavy though some of these pouches find way there too!! show me yours – would love to see it Sanch

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