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Accessory2design was in Dehradun recently for our latest residential project and had undertaken a routine market survey exercise with the client for various items to be purchased for the flat. We were very impressed with this showroom compound which had been greened to perfection.

It was a highly overcast day in July when we stepped into the compounds of the Kohler sanitary ware showroom to make our selections for china wares for the toilets of our latest design project.

We were greeted with lush greenery which seemed to be sprouting out of everything, making all the inanimate objects seem alive with the sap of life.

On a closer inspection, we realised that some one had very innovatively up cycled discarded/and defective china ware into planters. So on a low ledge there was a neat row of rectangular white sinks which contrasted sharply with the verdant green of the foliage planted in them – spidery grass, feathery asparagus ferns and more.

A cracked water closet had a burgeoning Chlorophytum comosum or commonly called spider plant with its arched green and yellow stems, extending all the way out of the bowl. A large healthy croton with its bright multicoloured foliage nestled in its water tank – an evergreen seat if I ever saw one. A wall mounted sink next to it overflowed with the healthy leaves of a hardy syngonium podophyllum or the arrow-head plant which is a sturdy house plant.

The courtyard was dominated by a huge jackfruit tree which was generously endowed with its rich fruits – all waiting patiently to be plucked. And under its green canopy, were metal racks on which were placed neat rows of terracotta and stone planters which blossomed with green life.

But the piece-de-resistance had to be this scooter on which were perched two mannequins – a driver and his passenger. They were garbed in clothes, the driver even had on a helmet. His passenger held a planter in his lap while another one was balanced on his lap. This scooty was placed among a lush row of planters and made for a very pretty picture.

Even a washing machine was not spared and was used to place one planter in its front loading hatch. It was placed under a dead stump of a tree on which hung healthy green baskets of houseplants.


And not to be missed was half a mannequin, dressed in denim which was placed at the mouth of the stairs to the showroom. The lower half was being used as a pedestal to hold another planter of syngonium growing out of it!

It was obvious to us that a genuine plant lover with awesome green thumbs was behind this creative landscaping. Despite it being a rented property, the owner of this sanitary ware dealership Mr.Rajiv Bhatia seemed to be an ardent greenery enthusiast and had lovingly greened every inch of this courtyard. What is admirable is the unique way in which he has showcased the wares of his shop.

This creativity left us stunned and extremely impressed! We entered with a smile and left with another one on our faces! Kudos to the green warrior!

This post was first published on an online home decor platform in 2015 and all content and pictures are copyrighted by Shalzmojo who runs a home design company by the name  Accessory2Design 

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15 thoughts on “Greened to Perfection – Creative Gardening at its best [ Home Decor ]

    1. I too have a lot of respect for peeps who upcycle products and put them to good use! This certainly was very very impressive

    1. Yeah Parul this was amazing to see and we went overboard with our gaga-ness. The owner was so amused and then embaressed by our appreciation 😉 Its a small showrom in Dehradun that stocks sanitary ware of big brands like Kohler etc and the owner is very very fond of gardening. The dehradun weather is such a bliss for greenery that it sprouts really well there. We were unprepared to see such creativity in a sanitary ware showroom!! 😉

    1. Ha ha – I can understand that- it does look a little disturbing without the upper body. And yes the rains were a joy for this place as the greenery was lush and sprouting 🙂
      Thank you so much for the wishes

  1. I would enter with a smile too. Gives a positive feel. I love plants and greenery surrounding by. A bloomed flower can bring so many smiles and make your day brighter

  2. This is such a creative place, amazing. The scooter with the two figures, lower half of the mannequin and the white sinks with plants stand out and stay in the minds of onlookers for long for various reasons :). The creative display leaves a lasting impression and makes this place difficult to forget.

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