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Time flies when you are having fun! [ Gratitude post ]

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Thats what is felt like to me as the month of January 2018 breezed by to a close last Wednesday. Is it just me or did this indeed fly by at a warp speed? It seems I was just cleaning up the party mess from New years and etching new resolutions in my heart when the month of love strolled in and realization set in of a month gone by in this new year. Gratitude for a blissful month gone by and let me tell you why.

Once in a blue moon

Incidentally 31st January 2018 is going to go down as an epic month in the history annals as it witnessed the twin events of a supermoon and a lunar eclipse rolled into one. Some are also saying it was a blue moon too. Well whichever way you see it, it’s a date to remember by. I didn’t notice the redness or blueness or even the superness of the moon as I couldnt spy it in the sky; but then there was a lunar eclipse too! I guess I am making do with the accounts on the internet via social media from peeps across the world. Hail social media!

Reading stride

It’s good to get my reading mojo back and I am happy to report I am done with 5/50 books for this year. Hallelujah! It also helps that there is no TV (as I am in an ongoing battle with TATASKY) and I have exhausted my wish list on Amazon Prime for now. On the other hand, buying 6 new books when I have over 50 unread books in the book shelf was a new low for me. You can read my Book Chronicles here

Moving on

One of my dearest (met online) friend moved to another city, leaving a large gaping hole in my sisterhood circle. But she is the reason for this sisterhood expanding in the first place. In fact another (met online) friend is all set to move cities and will be sorely missed by me. But I am seeing the bright side of it and realised that I now have two more cities to holiday in with awesome company. Gratitude in having such kick ass friends around me. And yes we have been partying around all January as and when we can.

Help is given to those who ask for it

I was reminded of this famous phrase uttered by Dumbledore when I bumped (online) into Lola K who very graciously invited me into her home to view it as a possible place to rent out my next home (Yes, Yes I had just moved and now again – uff!!!) when I was ranting on twitter for the same. She and I sat and chatted for hours like old pals and I am eternally grateful to the universe for letting me bump into nice souls like her. Friends gathered around to hunt up vacant flats in their societies too; fingers crossed for something to work out soonest! Thank you god for all of this goodness in my life.

Health lines

My health fell off the apple cart when I was diagnosed with Thyroid in mid 2017 and its been an uphill battle since. Thyroid is a pretty nutty disease as its got a mind of its own and can decide when to veer off the suggested path. I had been following various folks (who have the disease too) for their advice on medicines, therapy, food, exercise and the works. My weight climbed up by 10 kgs leading me to depression as now nothing in my wardrobe was fitting me. This was despite shopping thrice for bigger size. Happy to note that something is working since December and I can see a loss of 2 kg in my weight plus more energy. January also saw 15 days of morning walk; up from December when I only could manage 10 days. Fingers crossed to make February 20 days now.

My blog; my pride and joy

When I collated the data vis-a-vis the statistics of my blogging year 2017, I was flabbergasted to note the milestones there. I am just going to share the visual as I am speechless with joy over this. 2017 has been my most successful year as a blogger in all the 9 years or so of blogging so far! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!


So how was January for you? If you have written a gratitude post too, pls leave the link in the comment. I would love to read yours too.

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38 thoughts on “Time flies when you are having fun! [ Gratitude post ]

    1. Aww thats ok though Suzy – so many pics to see on the internet about it anyways! I hope you did get to see it there

  1. The moon truly was a sight. But by the time I saw it, it was no longer red 🙂
    Your gratitude post reminds me that I should do it too. If reading yours can make me feel good, I think writing mine would be therapeutic too 🙂

    1. I thought you do do them Naba; havent I read a couple from you in the past? But yes pls do them if you arent doing so already. Infact make a journal where in your write atleast one thing a day that you were grateful for – that helps in writing the post at the end of the month!

  2. I love how meticulously you’ve kept track of the yearly stats right down to the last detail. I wish i had thought of that earlier 🙂

    1. Oh thank you but cant take the credit as this is the Jetpack assisted stats on wordpress 😉 I only saved the graphic! Check it out if you have the plugin too – it will analyse your entire website.

    1. Thanks so much Anupriya – hopeing to do 200 posts in this year as well!! Bit on a slow start for that but hopefully will catch up soon!! Cheers

  3. Sounds like a lovely month and lot to be grateful for. You’re going great on the blogging front! Thyroid issues do seem to affect a lot of people. Hopefully, you can get your health back on track soon. Here’s hoping you have a fab Feb!

    1. Thanks a tonne Sanch for all your wishes gurl! I am keeping my fingers crossed for the health bit too!! Hopefully this all sorts out big time and soonest!!

  4. Oh, please take care of your health, Shalz! Thyroid! Hubby has it, too. But, diet and regular exercise (walking and cycling) brought down his weight, as opposed to all the gym training he used to indulge in earlier.
    And, you got 50 books on your bookshelf??? Lucky you!
    I hope February brings about lots of happiness in your life, dear girl!
    God bless!

    1. Thanks yaar – feels good to hear about others conquering it esp the weight gain! Its a crazy gain and turned me very depressive. But yes now its slowly inching down again and thats a relief.
      I have more than 50 unread books in my book shelves and shameless creature that I am , I keep buying more!! 😉

      1. Was facing problems when commenting on your blog hence the comment got cut short. Very glad that you did the gratitude post. And also hypothyroidism is quite a pain. Do monitor your diet to support your thyroid.

  5. So many things to rejoice, Shalz! Life is good, isn’t it? I hope you get a new place soon. Also, Mumbai is a nice place to holiday too. Just saying. 😉
    Your blog stats are superb! Keep up the good work, babe.

    1. Thanks so much Varsh – yup Mumabi is on my list and I will be heading there in April this year for sure. So will let you know well in advance to ensure we do meet up!! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on the many wins you’ve had in January. The Blood Moon was truly a spectacular sight and am glad to note you’ve been doing well on the exercise, reading and blogging fronts. Please take care of your medications and diet with hypothyroidism giving you so much trouble.
    Buying more books when your bookshelf is loaded with unread titles is the true trait of a bibliophile. Hope you enjoy reading all the books in your TBR pile this year.

    May you have a rocking February!

    1. Thanks so much Era for the concern and care – I am focusing on health at the moment and made it my priority. Yes January has been blissful in terms of my blogging and the realisation that last year was super fantastic on the blog traffic front – I am still reeling under that.
      I wish there was an AA for buying book addcition 😉 If you know of one, pls refer it to me!!!
      Wish you an equally rocking february too!!! Cheers

  7. Hey Shalini…Congratulations! Crossing 1L views in the year is such a mammoth feat! Keep blogging and more power to your writing dear!!!
    As for thyroid, pl take due care of yourself and I am sure you are already in track with it.
    Happy house hunting to you. May you soon find a branch to perch and settle.

    1. Ah! I really do wish for the wishing tree to perch on at the moment 😉 But thanks so much for your heartfelt wishes Anagha – you always come across as so warm and loving! Cheers sweetheart!

  8. Thyroid is a pain. I have PCOS and it is pretty much the same with all the messy symptoms 🙁

    I hope you get to read more this month and hope your health gets better too.

    Great going on the stats 🙂

    1. Ahhh yes thank you so much Soumya for the empathy!! You got mine too babes; hugs for a speedy cure somewhere in the Universe soon for these stupid diseases that are so so pointless – but then so are all illnesses!!!

      Thanks for all your wishes – cheers 🙂

  9. wow congrats to you, you seem to be a passionate blogger, you are an inspiration too… reading so many books:) sorry to hear about your thyroid… it can be under control with the helps of proper diet, exercise and yes gratitude helps too…

    1. Hi Angela- thanks so much!! I am hoping to read them all this year for sure!!
      Yes trying to work on my diet and exercise to overcome the thyroid problem! Cheers 🙂

  10. I missed watching the eclipse… Actually everyone in Sydney must have as it was cloudy. Congratulations on your blog stats Look at the total number of words in 2017… Woww may 2018 be even more dhamakedar. Great progress on your health side too. Woohoo 2 kgs already down and it’s just the first month of the year.

    1. You made me smile with your dhamakedar comment Raj!! Much love to you for being so bright and positive. I love interacting with you babes and keep sending this wish out to the Universe to meet with you soonest!!!! Cheers

  11. It’s so wonderful that the new year started on such a good note for you.
    Yay for the book reading goal achievement, great friends, good health and glorious blogging stats!
    Wishing you a fabulous February, Shalini! Cheers!!

    1. Thanks a tonne for your wishes Shilpa. Yes January has been blissful and I am hoping Feb is a breeze too!! Cheers 🙂

  12. Your January has begun well, Shalini and I am so glad for you 🙂 Hope your find a good home or have you found one already, considering this was written ten days ago? Either way, I wish you well in the new space.

    Thyroid can be a challenge! My mom had it for the longest time until she switched to Ayurveda which brought it completely under control. She’s been off meds for the last 10 years now.

    Hugs and all the best for the fitness journey. It’s a struggle, I know. Some days are great. Others, not so much.

    YAY on the blog stats! So happy for you. May it grow and thrive in the months to come. May 2018 rock!

  13. Those blogging stats are so cool girl, keep it up! Also, great going on the reading front. So far I am having a great reading year too, fingers crossed it stays that way. Glad that things are looking up on the health front, wishing it only gets better from here on out.

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