Book Chronicles- #TBR 2018

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Hola folks! I am back with my #TBR for 2018 and this year I colour coded the books to be read and have made batches for the months. But of course this will spill over and also newer ones will get added surreptitiously cause I tend to be influenced by book reviews and what others are reading in my book club.

So I am hoping to read about 50 books this year which translates to about 4 books on average per month and I hope to read a few bonus ones too; to make up for not completing the challenge last year.

This years list has some esteemed names such as Ruskin Bond, Laini Taylor, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (whom I am re-attempting to read), Neil Gaiman, Paulo Cohelo, Marget Atwood and David Mitchell amongst others. I also have to read 10 Indian/India based authors this year for the HTBrunch challenge and have included Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murty, Sudha Koul, Shanta Gokhale, APJ Kalaam and have to add some more to make up the ten.

The milieu of the stories is a mixed set – from Saudi Arabia to China to Japan to India; from the dystopian era to philosophy to surrealism to fantasy – I think I have it all in the bag here. Yes there is chick lit and YA too in this set as I am never too old to read that.

So wish me luck and do pass on the recco of a good book if you so shall encounter in this year. Also if we happened to be reading the same book, it would be great to compare our notes on it ……………..ย to be continued

I will be writing a synopsis of the books I read at the end of every month; I think it will just motivate me to read more and stay on course this year.ย shalzmojo-logoย 


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18 thoughts on “Book Chronicles- #TBR 2018

    1. Oh I have been meaning to read it since 2 years and everytime someone tells me its depressing and what not! Looks like this book is jinxed but I shall endeavour to get to it today

  1. Shalini, Best of luck. I have set a target of 45 books for the Goodreads challenge and have already read 10 ๐Ÿ™‚ Goldfinch is on my list too. Will be back to read the synopsis of the books…happy reading.

  2. You’ve really got your life sorted out with even books colour coded and sorted to be read month wise. Must say I’m really impressed. I wish you luck in your endeavour this year and look forward to reading your book reviews. As for me, I still have to clean up my Books to Read list from last year …….

    1. Thanks for that Sunita- but trust me nothing of that sort! I just loved the colours of the spines as I was putting them into piles and decided to take pics like that. I am reading at random and enjoying my reading stride all in all! Mos to the books are from my last year TBR which I failed miserably ๐Ÿ˜‰
      So hang in there and lets buddy read a few books together if there are any ones we both want to read…

      1. Not a bad idea. I will go through your titles once again and see which ones I should read . Then may be we am do blog posts on the book we reviewed . In fact that could be an online book club .

  3. Good luck with your reading challenge! Youโ€™re definitely trying to read more books than I am this year. But I hope it goes well for you and youโ€™re able to read the books you want.

  4. Loved your idea of color coding Shalini. And if the planning, preparations and will to do is so much in place, I am sure you will cross the mark with ease! Happy readathon to you!! Look forward to your reviews so that I can pick up those books… wont I sound selfish here

  5. I like the idea of colour coding the books and form batches. 50 books in a year is awesome if you ask me. I can only dream about this. I have not read Neil Gaiman till now so his works along with Haruki Murakami’s are on my reading list now. My way of reading is I pick up an author and read many of his/her works back to back. This way I try to get inside the head of the author. Having said this, I haven’t completed the 2 books I started in January as I am not able to take time out for reading these days. All the best. I shall be looking forward to your book posts.

    1. I just saw all the spines and the beautiful shades that were there and began to arrange them like that. Hi-five on Gaiman and Murakami being on your list- they have been on mine since 3 years; maybe this year I will actually read them ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I have been slow in feb somehow and still reading the first one! Hopeing to finish 3 in this month atleast! All the best with your reading Anamika and yes I hope to stick to my 50 this year atleast!!!

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