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The challenge is not to be perfect-it is to be whole | Gratitude |

“The challenge is not to be perfect-it is to be whole.” – Jane Fonda

I think this pandemic has taught us this lesson in exacting detail. I see too many people trying to “handle” this situation in a perfect manner. But failing to do so and then feeling down and out by it. I too have learnt my lesson the hard way up and am now concentrating on the wholeness bit.

Whenever I begin to write my Gratitude post for the month, I flick back to the pics on my phone. If there is one thing that is a constant in my life, its taking photographs. I have an inane love for the camera since childhood; and the desire was always to be behind it. Growing up this hasn’t changed and almost daily I click pics, mostly on my morning walks.

In October I got a couple of messages from friends telling me how much they loved the nature pictures I share on my instagram. Oh that felt awesome and since then I am trying to dig out and share as many as I can. In fact I dusted out the DSLR which has long been neglected and will head out with it on one of the weekends to the many green spaces we are blessed to have in Gurgaon.

I love this month for its the time for the Night Jasmine or Shuili to flower. Every morning I have been spending a little time to go an gather the flowers from under the trees. I simply adore the smell and sight of these delicate blossoms.

October gratitude- blessings- 2020- pandemic- autumn

♥ Books & Movies ♥

I managed to finish one book on Audible this month and didn’t even get down to writing a single bookish post on the blog. I will also not be completing either my Goodreads challenge or the one I had set up with Soumya. But hey like I said – focusing on the whole!!!

I watched some interesting stuff on the TV which is worth a recco. So do check out these interesting series/movies on OTT.

  • The Queen’s Gambit is about a troubled young orphan who is discovered as the next chess prodigy. The series traces her journey from an orphanage to a foster home to the hallowed international arena. Loved the treatment of the show and the protagonist is brilliantly played out by Anya Taylor-Joy **** Netflix
  • Rebecca which is based on a very popular novel (unread to date by me) and I guess I kind of enjoyed it for the acting of Lily James and the perfect setting of Manderley ***1/2 Netflix
  • A Suitable Boy based on a hugely popular literary fiction of the same name, was loved by me for the sarees and Tabu. Beyond that I found it dull and slow but will recommend it for the era its set in and the gorgeous costumes. *** Amazon
  • The Professor starring Johnny Depp is brilliant for him and the treatment of the entire movie. It begins with him discovering that he is about to die and what that sets off in his life.  I would say please watch it if like me you adore Depp **** Amazon

♥ Culinary escapades ♥

October saw a newly invigorated me as I set about tinkering in the kitchen. I finally invested in some iron ware and said good bye to my non-stick cookware. I also invested in a “murukku maker” and was happy to whip out ragi ones which I baked. This was such a plus plus recipe and I went ahead with trying out the original rice ones too.

Another thing I am happy about this month is that spinach has arrived in abundance and the first thing I made was palak-kadhi. Oh I am so so crazy about this concoction and was in raptures after the meal.

I ended up ordering Navratra thali twice from a lady in my colony and loved the preparations both times. Though I was not fasting, it felt good to do just this much.

And I tried out a recipe someone had posted on a FB cook group about using left over rice. Mmmmm it was simply awesome though didn’t turn up as perfect as I imagined it to be.

Suffice to say I am thrilled to be cooking again ♥

october gratitude 2020- blessings- food-kitchen - cooking- perfect

♥ Blogging news ♥

I have been pretty consistent on the blog this month too and posted 5 times and averaged 1700+ views. I am thrilled with the numbers even as I feebly say – oh its not about the numbers!!!

Have joined part 2 of a Creative Writing workshop and thoroughly enjoying it. I don’t know why I ever did not feel compelled to join one before. Blessed to have found such an amazing mentor here ♥

♥ Love & Kindness ♥

I have been spending some time with a very dear soul connect who has been a friend now for a decade. She gifted me this gorgeous crystal healing bracelet for my health. She is also a numerology expert and very intuitive with Tarot. I had a few reading sessions with her and was just blown away by her generosity and encouragement. I really thank the good lord for such wonderful people in my life.

♥ Health & Fitness ♥

Though I have been erratic with the morning walks (blaming it on the smoke than my laziness), health front has been good. I just need to step up on the fitness bit now that winters are here and I no longer have the excuse of hot and sweaty. So in a perfect world, I should be working out 3 times a week!!

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October gratitude 2020- blessings- food-kitchen - cooking- perfect

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2 thoughts on “The challenge is not to be perfect-it is to be whole | Gratitude |

  1. Loved reading this post and knowing how your month was. I have always loved your pictures and wish I could eat all that you cook. Cos you cook amazing things 🙂 Tell me more about the iron cook ware brand and what all did you buy? When I head home, I need some stuff and I also don’t want non-stick but I was leaning toward anodized one.
    It’s been two months VT and I haven’t watch shows or movies. But I need to watch some 🙂
    On health – 3 days is doable. How about you tell me every time you work out? And walk as much as possible in the house? 🙂 Small steps and focussing on the whole, right? 🙂

    Take care, Shalini and wishing you a great November!

    1. Thanks so much Parul – I wish I could cook for you. Someday you are staying with me and allowing me to pamper you then. I got the cookware from Amazon- will send you the links on WA – these are better than the anodized and non stick ones. You just need to clean them yourself- dont depend on the maid or they will be ruined.

      Oh wow – thanks for being my health buddy. I will start messaging you, will build my accountability. And yes to that walking steps; trying to do that plus some up and down on the stairs.

      I hope you do get to catch on some movies soonest Parul; let me know when you get around to it, will message a list of some of the ones I have been watching and have liked a lot.

      Hugs and love to you!

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