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#Gratitude-New Beginnings in January 2020

“The best time for new beginnings, is now!”

A whole set on new beginnings is on the cards every time a New Year is ushered in. So many enthusiastic thoughts to make a fresh start. I have chosen to stay away from resolutions, WOTY and many such practices this year. Instead this year is going to be all about I, Me and Myself.

Keeping that thought in mind I made January all about social connects with peeps I love to be with, focused majorly on my health and tried to cook healthy food at home for myself.

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gratitude- january 2020 - new beginnings - thankfulness - gratitude circle

♥ Health & Fitness ♥

First thought went for health and I have pledged to walk atleast 75 Kms in a month. Happy to note the counter topped 100 Kms where I have walked only 20 days of the month. So there is scope for tonnes of improvement here. My healer was happy with my reports and the happy changes one could see there. Great beginnings on the health and fitness front for me and I am supremely grateful for this.

gratitude- january 2020 - thankfulness - gratitude circle

♥ Social treats ♥

My social life has been pretty non-stop in January as first my sister was down here from Mumbai and came to spend a day with me. We ended up at Cyberhub for some mulled wine and delish Italian grub at Olives.

Next up I attended a Lohri bash as one of my batch mates house and met up with a tonne of people from school and chatted the evening away over endless glasses of mulled wine.

I visited P for some home made lunch and sister gupshup and then she hopped across to Gurgaon to spend a day with me. I ended up taking her to my latest favorite spots in town- 32nd Milestone and we gorged on some delicious Malaysian fare.

My bestie came down with her daughter on a shopping trip and we chatted late in the night, over some red wine. Since its winters, Dilli Haat is a much loved spot to browse through and we landed up there on a sunny afternoon. We shopped and ate like there is no tomorrow.


gratitude- january 2020 - thankfulness - gratitude circle

♥ Eating out ♥

There is this Rajasthani sweet that’s a childhood memory of mine. So when Didi couriered over a box of it to me recently, I died of joy and went to heaven. This sweet treat is just amazing for me and I gorged on it like anything. Yup the weight loss resolution went right out of the window – Sigh!!!!!

January was full of great food at some really new and old food joints. I ate a wide array of cuisines from Italian, Burmese, Malaysian, Bihari and Tibetan. Needless to say I was stuffed to the gills and sated like a Cheshire cat.

Okay now back to the weight loss resolution in February πŸ˜‰

gratitude- january 2020 - new beginnings - thankfulness - gratitude circle

♥Β Blogging news ♥

On the blogging front I have done quite well in January and happy with the response too. I need to get back toΒ  my travel posts and that means making travel plans for this year. I barely did any travel in 2019 and fingers crossed for 2020.

♥Books & Movies ♥

Reading has been pretty good in this month and am happy to inform that I read 4 books in January, in keeping with the #TBRCHALLENGE2020. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo is one that I will highly recommend for a read. Its quite an impressive book on the angst experienced by a teenage girl. I was quite blown away by this one.

I watched some Hindi flicks on Netflix and was impressed with Dreamgirl starring Ayushman Khurana. Bala and Saand Ki Aankh were the other two that I watched- both were an average watch for me.

I watched Unbelievable – a series on Netflix and found it pretty gripping and disturbing. Its on sexual crimes against women and highlights what women go through it while reporting them. Its a very well made series – do give it a watch.

Well that’s it for me for January 2020 and I will be back with my February post soonest. Drop me links to your Gratitude posts in the comments please.

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20 thoughts on “#Gratitude-New Beginnings in January 2020

  1. I am thrilled you chose to focus on having fun in January. It is so pleasant to read your post – spending time with the ones we love = nothing beats that!
    What is the name of the sweet your didi sent?
    So inspiring to see you crushing your health goals, Shalini! Congratulations on that! Looking forward to reading The Poet X and watching Unbelievable. Sounds intriguing.
    Wishing you a fantastic Feb and a 2020 that makes all your travel goals come true. Hugs! Thank you for joining the Gratitude Circle blog hop.

    1. Happy to read that you liked my post; I am thrilled to bits about my fitness goals too. I hope I can keep up the momentum to end the year on 1000 kms – fingers crossed!

      That Rajasthani sweet is called pheeni – its very strand like thats coiled together and then dipped in sugar syrup. I get goosebumps just thinking about it

      Thanks Vidya- writing and joining in the Gratitude circle is one of the best things about blogging for me these days. I can never thank you enough for initiating this practice in me and having this circle of thankfulness to share in πŸ™‚

  2. Like you, I don’t make resolutions or pick a WOTY. I am good focusing on all things that make me smile. Love that you had such great time with friends. Spending time with loved ones is the best thing for me too. Glad you had folks around in the cold and harsh winters and they made the time warm.
    Good going on walking and books. I am very kicked about my workout during January too. I need to pick up in Feb. I was sick and dropped the ball. So Power Yoga it is tomorrow. I wish we could plan a travel together. It would be fun. Hai na?
    Wishing you a happy Feb, Shalini! Love and Hugs.

    1. Thanks Parul and yes a trip together would be just perfect. Lets get our third musketeer in and do the inevitable? It will be something to look forward in 2020 for sure. Fingers crossed that we get there.

      I hope you are better now and back on your feet. I love how you are able to be so consistent with your CULT workouts – I have totally dropped out of them and now dont know if I will get back there. For now just focusing on what I can do and that is walking.

      Wishing you a happy Feb ahead too Parul – hugs!!

  3. Another busy and fulfilling month for you ! I’m glad you didn’t let the cold weather get you down . I’m coming up with a gratitude post soon

    1. I actually revel in the cold weather- I am in my best in every way when winters are here. Its summers that I hate and am always moaning and groaning then πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to your gratitude post Sunita

    1. Thanks Sanch-yeah its been a good start to the year and I am praying that it continues so πŸ™‚

      Unbelievable reminded me of things are in India too over this subject and the how the lawmakers tackle such crimes and the victims. Yes it was pretty scary and frustrating to watch.

  4. The minute you chose I, Me, Myself I knew that you will ace this year!

    Your social circle is so awesome, Shalz. Glad you had so much fun. I hope we get to meet this year though πŸ™‚

    Wishing you a wonderful February as well.

    1. Hey I know you get that totally Somz – I hope we meet this year too. In fact Parul has been wishing for a trip together, lets see if can make it a threesome and meet up midway somewhere to have fun for 2-3 days πŸ™‚

  5. 100 km Wow wow amazing feat! Reading about dilli ki sardi is making me miss winter. And that mouth watering food collage. Oh heavenly! Good luck for your travel plans. I love dream girl too. Haven’t watched the others yet. I watched The Stranger recently and it was awesome. Have a fabulous February

    1. Nothing compared to your amazing feat Raji- your yoga poses are just too too too good!! I dont think any of my fitness regime will ever come close to that πŸ™‚

  6. A foodie and a book lover…. a girl after my own heart.

    Poet X sounds interesting. I will probably pick it up after finishing The Dutch House.

  7. I don’t believe in NY resolutions, too for it never works. Great seeing you doing so well and touching base with friends while health plays an important part. Walking and jogging are very important where I try doing two trips weekly. I watched Jamtara on Netflix worth a watch and i wanna watch Dream Girl and Sandh ki Ankh but hasn’t come yet in the region am in. Wishing you a superb Feb.

    1. Thanks so much Vishal. I have Jamtara on my watch list too but been hearing too many mixed reviews of it. I hope you do get to watch Dreamgil as thats really worth a watch πŸ™‚

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