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#Gratitude – 5 of my most favourite Book Reviewers

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I absolutely adore reading books. It’s a childhood quirk of mine and I am so so so very glad for it. It makes sense then that I am forever on a lookout for a good one to bury my nose into. I generally get tempted by the book cover more and book blurb less, while browsing for books. This has led to a huge number of unread “gems “ in my bookshelves.

In a bid to audit my book buying, I have started looking at book reviews before I indulge in a buy.Β Though I am on a number of book sites, but I havent found many worthy reviewers there who call out to me. Over the past two years, I have found many a worthwhile book reviewers whose reccos sit very well with me.

Now that’s an absolute non-negotiable rule that one must first decide which reviewers read just like them. I mean you can come across a brilliantly done review but when you pick up the book, you realise it’s not your cup of tea. Or just because a “friend cum book reviewer” refers a book, you pick it up and then…..

Best thing to do is browse a couple of book reviewers blogs and see if their reading taste matches yours. Then, look at how well or unwell their review is. 7/10 times you will find well analysed reviews with a rating most suited to the writing of the book.

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In my gratitude month, I am expressing thanks to my favourite book reviewers, who not only have enriched me with lovely books to read, but also some insightful reviews. Here is a shout out to them, in no particular order:

Sanch WritesΒ 

I stumbled on her blog, I know-not-how but am so glad that I did. She has introduced me to a fantastic line up of books, which probably hit Aussie shores before Indian ones; leading me to comment on the newness of each book. Sanch reviews a book gently, breaking it down into quite a short but effective analysis. Less is more for her and she does an awesome job of it.

Her succinct review is a judicious elaboration of the blurb into a very concise review – leaving the reader itching to find out more.

Check out one of my fav review of hers, which led me to buying Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

Beat About The Book

Meet Tulika, who is a self-proclaimed Obsessive mom of a twin set of kids and hats off to her for finding time to not just read books but also write such well detailed out book reviews. I first read one of her reviews a year back and couldnt stop admiring the honest introspection that she had done. And that s the beauty of her reviewing – she puts the Good, Bad and the Ugly into proper perspective. Goes without saying that our reading tastes match and I recently purchased The Restaurant of Love Regained – which she has reviewed with full honesty, without putting up any spoilers.

Shanaya Tales

Shantala is another book reviewer whose to the point reviews are charming to read. I have learnt a lot about writing reviews from reading hers. And she reads quite an eclectic list of genres – so there is something for everyone. Even if she doesn’t like the book, her review is so nice that one is sure one will enjoy the book. Such is the power of her writing.

I loved the review of Wonder and ended up putting it on my wish list for Birthday this year.

Me Otherwise

Ramya Abhinand is one sassy book reviewer whose book choices are just out of the world; she literally reads anything that’s written. I just love her website a lot and her pics/graphics of the books are done up so so well – I die in envy over them πŸ˜‰ If you do go through her website, you will see how neatly she has organised her bookshelf. And that should tell you something about the way her reviews are done too.Β Neat, concise and crisp is how I would describe them.

Dont believe me, head over to her review of The forty rules of love and decide for yourself. Incidentally, I too have done a review of this one and you will find it here.

Life of Leo

Soumya Prasad is one kick ass book reviewer on my list and I am blown away by her clarity of thought as she pens them down. Calling a spade a spade is not a problem for her and she is clever in articulating it so. You just have to read her honest and critical review of Pyjamas are forgiving to know what I am talking about. Even when she is tearing apart the plot or the logic or the writing, she is very pro about it. It wont read as venting but a clear precise analysis of why she thinks so.

Buying books on her reccos havent been a waste of money for me……………….so far πŸ˜‰


So there you have it folks – a wrap up of my favourite book bloggers whose reccos have led me to many a gems. Do you have a favourite? Wont you tell me about them please?

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23 thoughts on “#Gratitude – 5 of my most favourite Book Reviewers

  1. I couldn’t agree more both with your thoughts on why book reviews are essential as well as your reviewers . Their reviews are enjoyable , entertaining and truly honest.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! I follow all the mentioned book reviewers! Because I am more on Instagram these days, two more, who I follow there are Reema (@thebooklore) and Mithila (@fabulus1710)

    1. Hey I will add the ones you mentioned, though I have seen a few of Mithila’s reviews. Thanks for checking out my post!! πŸ™‚

  3. Definitely some reviewers to check out as a book reviewer myself. I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing along with finding more good books to read too. πŸ™‚

    1. Thats great to hear Raney- these guys are some of the best in the niche that I read. I love their to the point reviewing and some really good books out there!

  4. I enjoy book reviews of all the people you’ve mentioned. I will like to add one more name to this list – – Nabanita. She is an avid reader and I like her taste in books.

    1. Noted Rachna – I havent seen much of her posts; guess I miss them on social media. Will bookmark her website for future reads!! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. Yay for the book review posts and I shall head out soon to your blog to check them out Sanch. πŸ™‚

      I am a fan of your selections and keep looking out for whats next – it was my pleasure to feature you !!!

  5. Thanks for the mention Shalz. Along with the books we read, our tastes also match when it comes to favourite reviewers. I read all of those and I love them for their distinct styles.

    1. You are so so welcome Tules. I just loved the last one you had read. What is amazing that wihtout adding a spoiler you managed to convey so much about the horrific event at the ending! Thats was a master stroke!!!

  6. Thank you so much for the mention, Shalz. And those very kind words. You, my friend, have made my day/week/month.

    Because getting featured along some of my favorite ladies is such an honor! My list is exactly similar to yours (outside of me, I mean) with 2 additions, one is you, and one is Mithila. I am not entirely sure of her new blog handle, but I think the blog is called Mithila Reviews Books.

    You have inspired me to create and share my own list sometime too.

    1. Awwww I am so happy to hear that Shantala πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to seeing your list as I want to know more good reviewers for sure! Cheers Girl πŸ™‚

    1. Ah Thanks so much Vinitha – these bloggers have made my life simple when I have to pick a book to read!! πŸ™‚

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