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#Gratitude – 3 Bloghops worth hopping on

Bloghops are a great way to write consistently, have an inspiring topic to write about and also network with some awesome bloggers. Over the past few years of my blogging journey, I have participated in quite a few bloghops and won some too. Well, some bloghop admins do put out a certificate/prize for their weekly/monthly winner.

This post is a short list of some bloghops that I regularly take part in and would recommend them to you too.

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Gratitude Circle

Vidya Sury’s gratitude circle is a bloghop that has become as intrinsic to me as breathing. I kid you not on this one. I started writing monthly gratitude posts after stopping here a few times. I was blown away by the sheer honesty and awesomeness of these posts. Especially loved the ones Vidya puts up – she has an amazing knack of turning over every stone to find a nickel under each one of them.

What is also great about this bloghop are the other bloggers who link in here every month. Each and every one of them share so honestly and openly that I am left humbled and speechless.

Needless to say, this bloghop tops my list and is a hot favourite of mine. If you would like to join in, check out her blog towards the end of every month when the linky goes live – it stays open for about two weeks.

My post for last month’s circle is here

Monday Musings

As the name suggests, this one encourages one to post every Monday and write about their personal thoughts – philosophical / political/ rantings……you get the drift!!! The idea is to peruse some thought that has been labouring in your head and put down what you feel about it.

I find it an excellent outlet for purging my inner demons who are hell bent on expressing their opinions – wanted or unwanted 😉 The posts are generally brief and are a fantastic way to clear my head over an issue.

The best part are the posts written by the bloghop admin – Corinne Rodrigues who writes about her most recent ruminations. I find her posts very inspirational and they help guide my thought process too.

I have been a bit lax with this one, but will soon get back into a proper routine over it. Sharing my last post on this bloghop – No Swamp, No Lotus

Thursday Tree Love

Thursday tree love is the bloghop administered by Parul who shares her love for trees through this. Simply put one has to post a picture of a tree and mention in as few words as possible as to why they have liked that tree or whats the reason for featuring it in the post.

I am stunned by the variety of tree pictures shared by her as she really notices them around her wherever she goes. Pictures shared by other bloggers are equally wonderful and have increased my awareness and appreciation of trees.

I havent posted on this bloghop for ages and now I am thinking to start posting all the gorgeous trees I used to click while I was in Bangalore. I think I fell in love with trees there 🙂

Parul recently celebrated the 50th edition of this bloghop which you could check out here

So that’s it folks from me on bloghops. These three top my list and I have met and read some wonderful bloggers who have inspired me to better my writing. If you love bloghops, do share your views and favourite ones with me to check out too.


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12 thoughts on “#Gratitude – 3 Bloghops worth hopping on

  1. I love bloghops too. But it has been a while since I participated in one. Well, that was me being ridiculous about my blog. Anyway, I have participated in Monday Musings and Gratitude Circle and love them both. Parul’s Tree love is a great idea too. But my favorite is Friday Reflections hosted by yours truly and Corinne.(haha!) Jokes apart, I have always loved Friday Reflections even when Sanch was co-hosting it last year. Somehow, the prompts seems to be so good and it nicely gels with my writing style. Great to read such listicles on your blog, Shalini.

    1. I think I havent ever taken part in the Friday Reflections- time I stopped by and checked it out now that you are back at it gurl! 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words Shalzzy – its good to see you out of your blog-hibernation and back into the mojo!

    1. Thanks Sanch- do as much as you can. Your weekly gratitude posts are teriffic girl; kudos to you on doing that 🙂

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