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#Gratitude – April blessings 2019

April rolls in just a day after my birthday and it proves to be bountiful and abundant as if carrying the birthday blessings forward. The month turned out to be beautiful for me and I have so much to be grateful for that this might just turn out to be a longish post!

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♥ Small mercies

Finally went to give my car for AC service and it turned to a nought when I realised they were making a fool out of me. Why do car mechanics think women drivers to know nothing about the car? Four hours wasted and my temper touched the roof when I had to take the car back without repairs. I spoke to another workshop and decided to give the car next day. I fumed and cried at home over this waste of time and wondered why was god testing me.

As I was driving to give the car, a thought popped up as I had noticed a new Hyundai workshop in that area. I decided to get it checked there and also go in for a full service check too. Am I glad I did so! A genuinely nice service supervisor assisted me and did a wonderful job on my car. I also realised how much the previous car workshop had been duping me when I got the bill. Very grateful to the inner voice to send me here.

On one of my morning walks, the mood struck me to just sit down under a tree and deep breath. And just like that I have begun my meditation and pranayam practice again. Thank you for such blessings divine!! ♥

♥ Health & Fitness

Biggest news is that I lost some weight – one full kg!!! You will wonder at the exultation at the loss of mere 1 kg. But for someone with hypothyroidism, this is HUGE news. It’s been almost 2 years since my weight went up by 12 kgs before settling down at 68-69 kgs. I had gotten so used to seeing the same weight every month that I didn’t notice the change at first. So yes, this is a huge blessing for me.

My healer surprised me with a box of Ayurvedic goodies – I am genuinely touched with his kindness and thankful to the universe for sending him into my life. Actually grateful to A for introducing usΒ and count her amidst my many blessings ♥

♥ Social Front

A photo walk after ages and it was at the Lodhi Art District which is a unique open air gallery in New Delhi. The colony walls have been painted by famous artists from world over, each mural conceptualised to tease the mind. I am so grateful for having seen the walk details on a friends FB page – Thank you!

Attended the first birthday bash for my bestie’s Munchkin. The theme was spring floral and I could’nt resist flaunting a soft crepe in onion pink colour with parsi-gara work on it. Oh the compliments were the best part of the evening πŸ˜‰ I have waited about 10 years before wearing this one.

Caught up with a friend after ages and decided to check out Cafe Lungta which boasted a Himalayan cuisine. We loved the food we tried out there and cant wait to go again for the momos. The Tingmo was so fresh and soft, we ended up ordering one more. Talk about food blessings πŸ˜‰

Gurgaon-Cafe lungta-Momos- tingmo - thupka- himalayan food- cocktails- margharita

♥ TBR Progress

M sent me books for my birthday and that puts a total of four books + two I ordered from the monies I got for birthday. No I wouldn’t call that cheating on the no book buying pact πŸ˜‰


I read 5 books from my shelf and one sent for a review; so in total 6 books this month plus one that’s almost through. There was some fantastic fantasy fiction read in this month and you can catch NeverWhere review on my blog. I also tried reading Amitav Ghosh and to my delight, I loved his writing style a lot. Finished 2 of his books and now cant wait to get my hands on the rest.

Watched Ocean 8 on Prime and was quite surprised at liking it. It’s not a great plot but the women just steal the show. Do give it a watch if you are fond of seeing women kick ass ♥

♥ Travel Ahoy

Embarked on a train journey on the 15th to visit A in Uttarakhand, once again. I was greeted by an excited Kimble and this profusely flowering bush of Rosa Banksia. I will be doing a separate travel post for this trip as it truly deserves one.

Rosa Banksia - flowers - yellow- uttarakhand

Suffice to say for now, I am tanked up on fresh pine scented mountain air and relaxed to the nth degree. I binge read books, watched movies, listened to some glorious music in the evenings and ate garden fresh food everyday.

So grateful for such friends who put up with me and get me to extend my trip too as they can’t get enough of me – Sigh!!!!!Β  What would I do without such wonderful blessings in my life ♥

♥ Blog news

I hadnt been blogging much in Feb and March as I just couldnt get into the writing mode. Thats what made me skip out on one of the favourite Blog Linkups – the AtoZ challenge, this year. In fact I had mentioned in last months post that I am considering shutting down the blog. My readers responded with a vehement no, leaving me so humbled and moist eyed.

Its somewhere in April that I began to write again and ended up posting 7 new posts plus 2 refurbished ones. So 9 in all and that has made me feel so good. I ended up writing 4 posts while in Uttarakhand and will be publishing them soonest ♥

Well thats all from me for this month and I look forward to catching up on your Gratitude posts too!!

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25 thoughts on “#Gratitude – April blessings 2019

  1. It always a calm feeling when we remember our gratitudes. You have seriously covered a lot of books in the month of April. What do you do of the books you finish reading?I am confused myself. Sometimes, I donate them.

    1. Yes thats true of observing gratitude Geethica. As for the books – I hoard them πŸ˜‰

      Actually I have been now thinking about selling them through Amazon or something like that. Lets see what works out.

  2. Aren’t I glad you are still blogging ! And the typos have made you gain KMs instead of KGs . I’m sure you don’t want to be that tall either πŸ˜‰
    I can imagine how stunning you must have looked with your salmon pink Gara . It’s a lovely flattering colour .
    Hope your May is as satisfying

    1. Thank you my friend and yes the typos have been noted and edited!!

      I hate the auto correct on the phone – its so so irritating!!!

  3. Loved reading about your April and sorry missed your birthday! πŸ™ belated wishes and happiness to you all the year round. I envy you for stayingbso close to the mountains. I would love to take a train to Uttarakhand when ever I want πŸ™‚ so happy that you had a great month and I wish the joy continues all the year round.
    Hugs and love!

    1. Thanks so much for the wishes Parul; belated than never πŸ™‚

      Yup I am lucky to have friends willing to host me and live like 8 hours away!! The hills are just so amazing. I am keeping my fingers crossed for another trip down there soonest!! πŸ™‚

      Hugs and love right back at you Sweetheart!

  4. Congratulations on the health milestone, Shalini. I’m glad you have decided to keep the blog going. We all go through phases like this, but our blogs keep us grounded at some levels. Have a fantastic May. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Corinne. Yes the blog to do or not to do is quite a quandry for me esp arounf the time when I have to renew the subscription!! I think I will go back to free wordpress once the current thing is over! πŸ™‚

  5. This is so beautiful Shalz. Yay at the weight loss and starting your meditation. Happy with the travels and the books. And good that you are back to blogging. This was a wonderful month for you!

    1. Thank you Raney that feels so good to hear!! I am indeed blessed to have such amazing readers – supporters of my blog who have been supah encouraging about my writing!! I had no idea and am so grateful to all of you for the love.

      1. Of course! I can’t speak for all your readers just myself, but I really enjoy coming to your blog and reading your posts. πŸ™‚

        If you don’t mind me asking, why were you considering giving up blogging in the first place?

        1. Thank you for so much Love and faith in me Raney. I just wasnt feeling upto writing anymore and this constant bickering with the webhosting companies was draining me out.

          I had moved from Free WP (big mistake) to self hosted in 2016 and since then been going through this loop of renewals and downtime and all that jazz. I got so fed up of it this year that I was thinking about either going back to free WP or just shut the blog.

          For now I am continuing on the self hosted as I have another 15 months or so left – lets see after that!!

          1. I’m sorry to hear that self hosting has been such an issue for you. I’ve never tried it and it sounds like its more trouble than its worth.

  6. It’s been good to see you blogging more in April…just go with the flow and write when you feel like it. Yay for the weight loss! The food photos look awesome. And I hate it when mechanics think they can take you for a ride just because you’re a woman. I had a car salesman try and do that a couple of times – so annoying! Great going on the reading front too! Hope you have a fantastic May!

    1. Thanks so much Sanch – your comment made me feel so encouraged and cared for!!! I am hoping for the streak to continue in May too πŸ™‚

  7. Your gratitude post sounds so endearing to me that I want to step into your photographs. This is the second time I am reading about Lodhi Art District. The art work is fascinating. I would like to visit it on my trip to Delhi. I can understand your happiness on shedding that 1 kilo of weight. Your small mercies reminds me of the my own experiences when people have tried to take advantage of and cheat me considering me a woman who is attempting to get things done on her own. I have read 3 books by Amitav Ghosh – The hungry tide, The glass Palace and Sea of Poppies. The first 2 were unputdownable but with the third one, I dragged myself along after a good start.
    I came across your tweet about wanting to shut down your blog after your Uttarakhand visit and I understood why. I also knew you wouldn’t shut it down because your blog is not just your work but it is an extension of you.
    Have a wonderful wonderful May. I am looking forward to meet you this year whenever I land up in Delhi.

    1. Thanks so much Anu – yes the Art district is really amazing and I hope you get to see it someday. I am planning another walk to that area as soon as the weather is a bit more kind.

      Yes the blog dilemma is quite a pain for me but you are right, its such an extension. Only a fellow blogger can truly understand this πŸ™‚

      I did falter a bit with Sea of Poppies but then it picked up pace – I loved the way Ghosh writes. Very poetical and his research is just amazing. You must give a try to Calcutta Chromosome – its like a medical thriller rolled into a historical mystery.

  8. April seems like a lovely month, Shalini. Glad you decided to keep your blog going – why would you shut it down? It’s good that you voiced it, if only to receive the encouragement to write. Kudos on your health milestone. It’s wonderful to travel and meet your favorite folks! Wishing you lots of blogging happiness and health in the coming months! Thanks for being part of the Gratitude Circle. Take care.

  9. April was quite an interesting month, it seems for you with reading, attending the party and the photowalk at Lodha is gorgeous. Sadly when it comes to customer care so many fleece which creates a debranding for themselves. Happy you found a loyal service agent! Finally, all ends well.

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