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My Reading Score in 2020 | Bookish Post |

At the start of 2020, I had signed up for the Goodreads Reading Challenge and also crafted one of my own with my book buddy Soumya. #TBRCHALLENGE2020 was designed to make a dent in the TBR books lying on my bookshelf and not buying newer books till that was done. The idea was to even the score on the unread books and not buying any new books this year as well.

Despite the lock down, I wasn’t able to read as much as I would have liked to or as much as I should have done given the ample free time. But on the plus side, I got hooked to Kindle and Audible which is going to free up a lot of my bookshelf space. If I were to tally the score, then:

  • Kindle – 7/32
  • Audible – 10/32

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I read a total of 32 books this year and managed only 20 out of the 24 I had set out on the TBR challenge. But what I am most thrilled and happy about is the diversity in my reading. From genres to book formats to authors from different countries, I managed quite a lot of variety this year. Unlike last year when my reading was heavy with Fantasy Fiction genre only. If I would divvy up the score based on the writers from different countries, it would read thus:

  • Japanese writer/set in Japan – 1/32
  • Middle East setting / writer – 3/32
  • Indian writer / setting – 7/32
  • Hispanic/ Spanish writer /setting – 3/32

Another accomplishment has been the maximum number of 5 star and 4 star reads this year. I had picked up books at the recommendation of some book reviewers all year along and am happy to note that they were bang on.

I reviewed 14 books on my blog this year; over one a month and that is just not good enough for me. So this year I am going to change this one thing on the blog and post at least 2 Book Reviews a month. Plus I am going to work on my bookinstagram as well and grow that account to a healthy score.

My first review of the year is The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo and the last review of the year is The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali

Reading Stats

books- rating- review- bookish- wrap up- 2020- book blogger- book review

I am going to shy away from reading challenges this year as I just want to read without worrying about the numbers and also have time to write down reviews for all the 4 & 5 star reads. I did break my no-book-buying pact towards December by picking up half a dozen books and also the gifts I got the year round, especially at Christmas. So now I have a huge pile of some gorgeous new books that I simply cannot wait to delve into.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

Wondering which one is going to be my first read of the year. I also have two books from December which will roll over and end up in January 2021’s reading kitty. Here’s to a wonderful reading year ahead to all my bookish friends!!


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8 thoughts on “My Reading Score in 2020 | Bookish Post |

  1. You managed to read quite a lot last year, Shalini. I don’t keep track of the number of books I read. If I did it wouldn’t be more than 10 I’m sure. I have never participated in any reading challenges as I feel that it will stress me out.
    All the best for your reading endeavors, Shalini.

    1. Thanks so much Vini and yeah I get what you are saying. Do as much as you can, take on as much as you can. No stress!!!

  2. I wasn’t able to complete the challenge thanks to the pandemic. But you have been one of my go-tos last year for book recommendations. Looking forward to more excellent recommendations from you.

    1. Oh Ritu how you have made my day with that. Thank you so much for your vote in my book choices – hope I will have some more fabulous ones this year for you to check out!!

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