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How the Pandemic affected my Reading Habit | Bookish View |

“Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.” – Lena Dunham

Hola Peeps!! I have Morgane Belbouche of Bookmesometime who is a French blogger and bookstagrammer. Reading and writing are very important to her and sharing is just as much. She is also a mum to two beautiful babies. Morgane started blogging to share what she was reading with other people because she had no one else to speak about books with, outside the internet. She also blogs about chronic and mental illnesses.

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The pandemic has been (and still is to be honest) a very stressful time for everyone. We are never going to forget 2020, it will always be such a strange year in our head. A year when all we could do was stay at home, work from home or go to work for those who had no choice and that was it.

Unlike many people, lock down wasn’t too bad for me. I mean it was hard for some reasons, but it was mostly like my normal routine because my partner still had to go to work normally.

The pandemic has affected three main things for me (the lock down mainly): like everyone else, I couldn’t see my family anymore (thank you Face Time for existing) and this… this was very hard; all our plans had to be cancelled, some had been planned for months so it was hard but we had no choice; and well in a more positive note, I got back into reading.

Don’t get me wrong, I was still reading before the lock down but I was hardly reading three books in a month because I had loads to do between my uni lessons and assignments (I was doing a languages course from home), and most important I had two young babies to be there for and we also moved into our new house just a month before the lock down started. The pandemic (or the lock down, I should say) has affected my reading in quite a positive way I guess, as I went from not reading a lot to finally pick up books from my ‘to be read’ pile which had been there for years.

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The lock down started mid-march in France, and because no one could come to our house anymore or we couldn’t go out, I started having time to read again. I had done all my uni work and my exams in April were online. Reading began again during the babies’ afternoon naps and mostly at night. I needed to keep my head busy and escape through different worlds and stories. Reading is always a good choice. This pandemic is very stressful and scary, getting to escape thanks to books is amazing, but to me it’s also very important.

In march I read five books, in April only two because I had my uni exams to pass online so I was really busy and in May I read six books. Reading during the lock down has helped me a lot, and I’m glad I got to read again during this difficult time. As I’m writing this, a second lock down has started in France and I’m hoping to read just as much as I have during the first one,  to keep my head busy again (although I’m doing NaNoWriMo in November, so believe me it’s keeping me busy).

So yes the pandemic has affected my reading, but not in a bad way at all. I also felt like reading a bit more fantasy novels than usual, probably to get to escape the reality that we were living in, and that we still actually are living in. It felt good to go back to reading and getting to live through stories where this pandemic did not exist, where the characters were free to go out, live their lives the way they wanted, meet up with their friends, their family or whoever they wanted.

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3 thoughts on “How the Pandemic affected my Reading Habit | Bookish View |

  1. That’s wonderful, Morgane! I am glad you read more during this year’s lockdown.
    I couldnt read much this year. There were months when I didnt even read a single book. Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings at all hours totally drained me and didnt leave any time to read. But am determined to change it in the coming year!

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