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Atomic Habits by James Clear – | Book Review |

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It’s been a while since I have written a book review. But when my bookworm friend Shalini reached out for a guest post, this was the perfect topic to write on. Today I am reviewing Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book is a bestseller and has got some amazing reviews including one from my husband.

Personally, I don’t read much of non-fiction and especially self-help books but this one appealed to me from page one. Let’s dive right away into my review.

Title: Atomic Habits

Genre: Non-Fiction

Author: James Clear

Atomic Habits is a book I recommend for everyone irrespective of their age group. The best part about the book is how the author shares so many amazing attributes of habits. He does break some common myths and shares some practical, actionable and well-researched tips that have the power of helping you become a better person.

What is also very refreshing is the conversational and informal tone of the book. The author knows his subject deeply but does not come across as a scholar or preachy. Yet, his book is based on excellent research and not just his own life experiences which makes all that he says even more credible.

This is a book that I read really slowly, rereading portions and taking extensive notes. The author culls research and examples from everyday life – about food, fitness, science, business, arts and so much more. I loved the simple-to-understand frameworks that he has provided that give you a doable path to life-changing habits.

What I found most fascinating is that he stressed that the path to success was on building good habits for the processes that take you towards your goal and not the other way around. That really resonated. As a health coach and a person who has had long-term healthy eating and fitness habits, this made so much sense. Now I tutor my clients on the path that will help them reach their goal in a sustainable manner.

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Atomic Habits- Jame Clear- Book review- Guest post- 2020- December

The most powerful messages that I have taken away are:

  1. Focus on the processes by building good habits and the goals will take of themselves. Goals provide you direction but it is the systems that help you see progress.
  2. A tiny change every day compounds to a powerful habit and success in life.

Changing habits starts with changing identity, then changing processes which leads you to changing outcomes. The author gives exhaustive frameworks that will help you change your habits step by step.

This review is too short for me to detail all the nuggets of wisdom that he shares. But suffice it to say that the book is one of my favorites and my favorite gifting option these days. So if you haven’t read it, trust me on this one, buy it today. It will really goad you into establishing lifelong habits that will enrich you as a person no matter what your field of interest is.

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3 thoughts on “Atomic Habits by James Clear – | Book Review |

  1. I have been reading so many good reviews about this book. It’s true that our outcomes are a lagging measure of our habits. If we focus on the processes of building good habits, goals will be achieved and results will be there. Thanks for the nudge, Rachna, just bought the Kindle version of this book.

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