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13 Incredible Shrines of the Kashmir valley | Travel Tales |

Today my guest blogger Namrata Wakhloo takes us through the Kashmir valley to talk about the beautiful shrines that are there. Kashmir was known to be the land of the sufis and saints.… Read More 13 Incredible Shrines of the Kashmir valley | Travel Tales |

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#Thursdaytreelove: The Chinar tree is unique in every season

Thursday tree love is a fortnightly feature on Parul’s blog where we share a picture of a tree that fascinated us. Join us in this blog linky on alternate Thursdays and share your pics too.… Read More #Thursdaytreelove: The Chinar tree is unique in every season

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#Fiction: Hami Asto – for paradise truly is here!!

Through my writing, I wish to share some of my musings about the gorgeous paradise that is the Kashmir valley. Its in a trouble state at the moment and my mind keeps wandering to my many trips there. The food, the seasons and the people – there is much love, beauty and warmth there – hope it comes out safe and intact from this turmoil.… Read More #Fiction: Hami Asto – for paradise truly is here!!

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[U] Unzymotic |#atozchallenge 2017|

The dictionary meaning of Unzymotic is listed as fabulous which is why I decided to use this word for my alphabet U post, for what I am about to list out here is nothing less than that. You know how they say, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters? I have taken this… Read More [U] Unzymotic |#atozchallenge 2017|


#BookSlutThursday – Week 2

#BookSlutThursday Week2 My selection for #bookslutthursday week 2 is here and is a mixed bag as I picked some stuff from a bookstore while on my #KashmirTravels from Gulshan Books in Srinagar. Saw this edition on the 50th anniversary of its publication and picked up this book which was long on my TBR – The Bell… Read More #BookSlutThursday – Week 2

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#KashmirTravelDiaries: Of magical potions & oils

Poloview market, just off Residency road in downtown Srinagar is the place to go for all your shopping; from Kashmiri embroidery worked sarees, scarves, stoles to bags to shoes to even aromatic oils. It’s the latter which intrigued me as I am obsessed with smelling good and burning incense and what not in the home… Read More #KashmirTravelDiaries: Of magical potions & oils

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#KashmirTravelDiaries: A floating postoffice on the Dal lake

While roaming on the Dal Boulevard, I espied a gorgeous houseboat with the red and white signage of the Indian postal office. Curious I ventured forth to explore further and to my delight, it turned out to be the first and only Floating Post Office in India, gloriously standing tall in a charming backdrop of… Read More #KashmirTravelDiaries: A floating postoffice on the Dal lake

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#KashmirTravelDiaries: Gulshan Books

Read all about the Gulshan Bookstore in Srinagar Kashmir which is one very gorgeous store in my opinion. Especially the one situated on the Dal Lake with some amazing views of the lake and the surroundings… Read More #KashmirTravelDiaries: Gulshan Books

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#KashmirTravelDiaries: Chasing a snow dream

Every year, the onset of winters brings me to dreaming of seeing snowfall- a childhood wish. This year the hilly regions of Himachal and Kashmir have been seeing more than abundant snowfall as evident from tantalising pictures on FB. To make matters worse, my inner devil decided to chant ” I want to see snowfall!!!!!”… Read More #KashmirTravelDiaries: Chasing a snow dream

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Travel Diaries: Tulip Garden In Srinagar

Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum, yun hi saath chalte chalte…… Last spring I went to Kashmir to stay with one of my dearest school friends. When she mentioned the Tulip Garden was in bloom, I couldn’t wait to head there. She did warn me not to get my hopes high as it had been raining… Read More Travel Diaries: Tulip Garden In Srinagar