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Travel Diaries: Tulip Garden In Srinagar

Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum, yun hi saath chalte chalte……


Last spring I went to Kashmir to stay with one of my dearest school friends. When she mentioned the Tulip Garden was in bloom, I couldn’t wait to head there. She did warn me not to get my hopes high as it had been raining and the tulips in all likelihood would be damaged.

I still remember the moment I walked into the garden; the song “Yeh Kahan aa gayen hum” from Silsila started playing in the background – I swear it did.


I was absolutely mesmerised by the colour palette stretching in front of me; the blooms were just perfect. I didn’t know which way to point my camera first as I just couldn’t get enough of shooting the flowers. I wanted to capture every hue and stopped dead still when I saw the black tulips – Oh my lord! They are so exquisitely exotic. And well they are not really black but a very intensely deep purple.


Posting my day 10Β post for #Dailychatter HereΒ as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and Β #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016

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14 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: Tulip Garden In Srinagar

    1. Thanks so much Mayuri – hope you do get to see them too!! My freinds runs a cute homestay in Srinagar- let me know will connect you when you do wanna go.

    1. Amen to that Chitz!! I am hoping that happens soon too; its too beautiful a place to be politically ravaged and burned down!!

    1. Thanks Reems – yeah I was lucky to see them. With the climate changes its getting more and more difficult to predict their bloom time. Sigh! Now I need to head to Netherlands for the ultimate tulip show!

    1. Yeah the rains have been playing spoilsport in Kashmir in recent times. When I had gone, my friend told me that the flowers are almost over. if you are liking this, you should have seen them before the spell of rains lashed at them. I couldnt imagine what that would have looked like as this was mesmerizing enough for me.

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