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Hello Blog world!

My FB status reads : Just created a blog page for meself; now to stir in some thoughts; add a dash of josh ; a pinch of wit ; garnish with some feedback from my fellow readers!! – all those who liked this will bear the brunt of my wit parade – so consider yourself warned!! he he he!!!!

Hi guys – this has been long overdue. I have always been writing these emails and notes and -stuff ; many of you enjoyed them and even asked me if I am considering writing a column or something.

I have been contemplating writing since ages but lazy me never got around to it till now – and there is a special reason to that; shall be revealed in due course of time (ok dont jump the gun).

So here begins my blog journey- travelogues, articles on interiors, restaurant reviews, movie critiques, and what not – get prepared for it all, as its swirling around in my head even as I write this.

I am re-salvaging some older write ups here and working on a fresh one too.

I look forward to honest feedback and critiquing from all of you – Please do!!!



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