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#ThyroScare – How age old healing therapies came to my rescue – Part 3: Reiki, Crystals & Chakra Healing

For this year’s Bar-A-Thon I have decided to chronicle my ongoing battle with Thyroid and decided to call it ThyroScare. I guess you could call it a marathon of sorts to overcome this disease. Today I am talking about Reiki healing and other such therapies which I am researching a bit in conjunction with healing my thyroid. I have been practicing Reiki since almost 15 years now.

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Reiki Healing

I discovered Reiki by chance and after being attuned for practicing it, I noted a marked change in a lot of physical and mental issues of mine.

Initially when the diagnosis of thyroid hit me, this was the last thing I reached for as I was looking for medical answers to my condition.

I had forgotten the basic principle of Reiki which says any disorder in the body is the result of body’s own energies being unaligned.

I began giving healing to my throat/thyroid since a few months in a regular pattern and have noticed a change in few things. Miniscule changes but hey I will take anything right now.

Chakra Healing

According to ancient wisdom, our body has seven energy centres or Chakras which correspond to major organs/systems in the body and further control the working of other parts of the body. Any disturbance in the Chakra, leads to an imbalance or disease.

The throat Chakra is called the Vishuddha and its colour is blue. It governs the communication aspect of the body via sound and organs/systems under it are the thyroid, parathyroid, throat, trachea, esophagus and the hypothalamus.

I couple a meditation with Chakra visualization to send energy to remove the blockages by imagining a blue light bathing the entire area. This light moves in a circular pattern to clean the throat. Doing this for 5-7 minutes a day has again shown me changes; not enough to document here. But then this is a recent thing I have started doing, so will see how I feel after 3 months of doing so.

All I can say is that this meditation leaves me thoroughly relaxed and energetic at the same time.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are basically semi precious stones and form some exquisite rock formations in vivid hues. These have again been used by healing practitioners since centuries to cure ailments of all sorts. The colour of the crystal and some other properties, mark its nature which helps to divine out its effect on various body parts, etc.

I am hugely attracted to these pretty stones and have accumulated quite a collection of my own. I use them in my meditation/Reiki practice to reinforce the healing.

Since blue is the colour of the throat chakra, Lapis Lazuli is one crystal which is favoured for cleansing the throat. Incidentally, it’s also my favourite blue crystal and I have actually picked a pendulum in this for my practice.

I use it very basically; I hold it in my hand while meditating on the throat chakra and visualize the blue light is coming from it. Again, I cannot document the changes; you have to take my word for it that this works.

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So age-old healing like acupressure, colour therapy, magnets, Reiki, Chakras, Yoga and meditation is what came to my rescue in this war against Thyroid. I have met people asking me how are you doing so much better with it. It’s not easy to say I am using these techniques for it truly sounds like hocus pocus to those who have never tried it out.

People have scoffed at yoga and Reiki for ages, around me. So I am not setting out to argue/persuade anyone here. My sharing of this information is to put is out there for whomsoever wishes to try out something other than allopathic.

And I am sure there will be many because I have discovered that I am completely disillusioned by allopathy. Especially the so- called specialists of today who only seem to be generating percentages for the hospices where they work.

Just a word of advice to anyone tempted by using these healing practices – Patience and discipline will be your best friends if you decide to go down this route. None of these are quick fix remedies as they deal in curing the root of the problem and not just the problem itself.

I am hoping my series of ThyroScare posts have helped people who too are suffering from this disease. I have heard back from some peeps and will be sharing their experiences on my blog in a few days time. Please don’t ignore a yearly check up of your thyroid levels, especially women. Stay tuned, for more is coming this month on Thyroid and its ills/cures.

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13 thoughts on “#ThyroScare – How age old healing therapies came to my rescue – Part 3: Reiki, Crystals & Chakra Healing

  1. I’m so glad you kept trying these alternative therapies, Shalini and they worked for you. I have been a great believer in homeopathy and Reiki as well as yoga and meditation and have been advising everyone to go for these alternative methods of therapy. Of course, not every one has the patience and the mind set to persevere especially because most people are on the look out for something quick and easy as popping a pill. I loved your commitment to your health goals, Shalz. Way to go!!

    1. Oh thank you for the vote of confidence there Esha; I truly believe in the power of these healing practices. Especially now that they are working so well on my thyroid! I hope to kick off the meds soonest and then just continue on this path.
      Hugs 🙂

  2. This series has been most informative, Shalz. Kudos to you for completing the BarAThon and also for fighting this battle bravely. More power to you.

    I think Sarvangaasana is very good for thyriod. pl consult your teacher before doing it though

    1. Thanks so much Meena; happy to see you a regular reader on this series 🙂

      There are tonnes of yoga asana for thyroid but my trainer says to do them all in conjunction and not in isolation. So I am working on an overall pattern of doing yoga!

  3. I had taken Reiki lessons. However, I couldn’t continue with regular practice.
    Do hope it totally cures you.
    Informative post. My best wishes are with you. Take care.

    1. Thanks so much for your wishes Anita; I do hope you are able to practice Reiki as I feel its awesome for self healing!

  4. Oh yes these alternate therapies like Reiki and mediation work for alleviating pain. At my first vipassana course, a girl had fever with cold and cough. The teachers advised her to meditate. At that time I felt sorry for the poor girl and she wasnt happy that they werent giving her Crocin etc. She felt better and her symptoms disappeared with 2 sessions of meditation. I do meditation and Reiki for my aches and pains too. So glad that these therapies work for your thyroid too.

  5. Nice to know these alternative therapies are working for you Shalini. All posts were very well written and informative ones. Thanks for sharing

  6. I’m glad these alternative remedies helped you. I’ve tried meditation before and enjoyed it but have a hard time keeping it up. Also curious about how aligning your chaka works.

    1. Chakras are basically energy points in the body which correspond or control particular organs n systems. Chakra means a wheel and this wheel should be moving in a clockwise manner. When we get disease in form of stress, unhappiness, etc the chakras become clogged n stop moving or working. For instance, emotional grief is related to the heart and there is the hearth Chakra corresponding to it. The feeling of being unloved or unworthy of relationships stems from here when this chakra is jammed. So healing it helps to remove the issues. This is a very simplistic explanation and will need a in person conversation to explain more. If you like will send you some links to read on Chakras.

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