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Fiction Writing: The Gossip in the Fig tree

I am attempting to write a short story a day on some of the photographs taken during my recent vacation in Uttarakhand. Its a great way to get my creative writing mojo back and best use of time in the times of Corona Virus. Some of the stories gather “inspiration” from people I have met on this holiday, their lifestyle or simply some anecdote related around them. All characters, location and incidents are a figment of my hyper active imagination.… Read More Fiction Writing: The Gossip in the Fig tree

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Avian visitors in my garden!

Winter mornings are generally fogged out these days, creating shadowy figures out of buildings and trees. The sun peeps out late or not at all. All the reasons for not stepping onto the terrace but for the bird song that reasonates around. I am an avid bird watcher and love to capture them with my… Read More Avian visitors in my garden!

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Bangalore Diaries: By the river @Bheemeshwari

14th November 2010 – With boredom nagging at our heels, we decided to head off for a day trip somewhere nearby. I searched on the net, asked friends and also consulted the Outlook traveller guide and finally zeroed in on Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp – a mere 100 kms away from Bangalore. The JLR website ( listed… Read More Bangalore Diaries: By the river @Bheemeshwari

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Bangalore diaries: Walking through Basvanagudi!

I have been in Bangalore for now almost 6 months and yet to explore the city to its potential. With this thought in mind, I logged onto the net; stumbled on a website which advertised a cultural walk through Basvanagudi; promises to unveil some of the myriad secrets of the area and overall introduce… Read More Bangalore diaries: Walking through Basvanagudi!

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Bangalore Diaries: Manchinbele

25th April 2010 – Sunday morning brought around our usual photo-date. Today’s agenda was Manchinbele – about 40 km from Bangalore. Its a dam built over a reservoir to provide electricity and water to the nearby Magadi townshitp. After sifting through many blogs and maps, we decided to take the Mysore road route via the… Read More Bangalore Diaries: Manchinbele

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Bangalore Diaries: Hebbal Lake

One Sunday morning (early morning), I happened to visit Hebbal Lake in north Bangalore, for a photo shoot with a group of ten fellow enthusiasts. Hebbal lake is one of the three lakes created by Kempe Gowda in 1537. The lake has a large garden spread out at the front side, near the entrance with… Read More Bangalore Diaries: Hebbal Lake