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#Gratitude – August Rush

August 2018 was a wonderful month, full of blessings and glad tidings that couldnt have come at a better time. Read all about it in my gratitude post this month as I join in on the Gratitude circle once again. Writing these posts have been therapeutic for me.… Read More #Gratitude – August Rush


Superfast or Superslow?

I have been a big advocate of traveling by train and have some lovely journey memories too; but some of my recent experiences have left me in big big doubt about their reliability now. There was a recent news article about the scam concerning the Rail Neer where the contractors and railway staff had colluded… Read More Superfast or Superslow?

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Travel Review: 5 must visit cafes in Goa

While planning the Goa trip, the gourmet offerings of this beach city were top of our list to explore. Needless to say, we researched some food and travel blogs, got tips from friends and family and made a sumptuous list of cafes which looked too big for our four days there. Undaunted, we went at… Read More Travel Review: 5 must visit cafes in Goa

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Marching to Goa!!

10.03.2015 So bday dhamaal continues unabated. Next on the cards was this trip that got planned for Goa with Pallavi (strangely, despite our intense bonding, it’s our first trip) and all thanks to Sonu Di (yeah she is my biggest holiday benefactor these days- love you Di 🙅😘) as she had some vacation miles at… Read More Marching to Goa!!

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On the trail of kumaoni food!

Cottage in the hills at Khabrar                                                                         9th November 2014 First day at the cottage in the hills and plans… Read More On the trail of kumaoni food!

Food Bytes

Banoffee Pie – a whimsical gluttony!

On a recent trip to nainital, I happened to order a banoffee pie at the famous sakleys restaurant on the Naini lake front. Mmmmmmmmm was the verdict with mouth filled till the last bite. I decided to replicate this dessert, purely on taste and of course whim! “How difficult could it be”,mused the gourmand in… Read More Banoffee Pie – a whimsical gluttony!


Of Snow peaks, hydrangeas and a mutt!

Sonu didi’s cottage in Khabrar, near Nainital has been beckoning me since ages for a trip but somehow it never materialised in so many years. So when the opportunity presented itself during this Diwali dinner, we made up our minds to come down as soon as we are able to. November is not an ideal… Read More Of Snow peaks, hydrangeas and a mutt!

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Twenty twelve!!

Finally the year has ended but not the world. The soothsayers and their ilk are now in the pursuit of new doomsday theories, since the last one failed to impress! Every year, at the beginning of the new year, I look back on the year gone by to see how had it been for me. And… Read More Twenty twelve!!

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Accessory2design – Rania & the WaterGarden Spa

Project: I was offered to do up a luxury holiday resort in the year 2006 – Rania and the WaterGarden Spa on Faafu Atoll in the Republic of Maldives. This is one of my best projects to date. The concept: At The Rania Experience, you book the whole island for yourself. You can choose to come… Read More Accessory2design – Rania & the WaterGarden Spa