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#MondayMusings: Alone girl is like an open safe!

Is there a false sense of self entitlement in the women today? I am pondering on this today as I go over the stories I have been hearing from cab drivers about their women passengers. Are the drivers lying or the women really out to look for trouble for themselves? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.… Read More #MondayMusings: Alone girl is like an open safe!

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#MyMojo – 5 Iconic female characters from books by Tulika

Hola people -Here is Tulika (another of my fav book reviewers) who is going to about some strong female protagonists that she has come across in her reading… Read More #MyMojo – 5 Iconic female characters from books by Tulika

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That girlie problem #PeriodPride

I have been reading a few posts on #PeriodPride – a blogging initiative started by Write tribe, Naari and We are the city  and decided to pen down my own, even though the competition is over. My aim is to share my emotions and experience with “that girlie problem” that was intoned in such hushed tones… Read More That girlie problem #PeriodPride

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The Indian Standard!!!

  A big Hurrah for the dilliwallahs – Delhi has emerged as the most “liveable” city according to the ‘Livability Index 2010’ i.e. a report based on a study conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Institute for Competitiveness, India. Delhi garnered top honours in education, economic, safety and security. But is it… Read More The Indian Standard!!!