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I believe in Santa Klaus


“You have got to be kidding me?” pipped up my coffee companion incredulously, “You believe in Santa Klaus?”

“Yes I do”, I reverted calmly.

“Wow!!” second one laughed and rest of them joined in.

Laughter subsided into a small silence and then one of them challenged a little hesitatingly, “prove it”.

“OK. You know the basic surmise of the Santa Klaus lore that we tell the kids? Be good and Santa will reward you with a gift at the end of the year!”, I asked.

“Well, yeah that’s what parents have been telling their kids since generations”, third one chimed in with her two-bit. “Doesnt mean its true.”

” It’s the parents who fill up the stockings and not santa”, fourth added with a grin.

“Have you ever noticed the goodness that is there in the world all around you, at any given point of time?” I querried. “Where and how is it generated?”

” Recently, I posted on twitter to help out a friend whose close one was in the hospital and needed blood urgently. Do you know how many people responded to my tweets, called them up on the numbers given and actually landed in the hospital to donate blood? Where do random strangers find it in their heart to go out and help others? I see people buying food for children on the street. Look at the old age home being run by this gentleman in Bandhwari village or the animal shelter deployed by some good Samaritan in Gurgaon.”

“What drives these so-called Good Samaritans?” I asked them all seriously while they gaped at me open-mouthed.

“I believe that all this goodness in this world is because of Santa Klaus (or god or divine or a supreme power)– because of all those children who believed in him and decided to adopt goodness as one of their attributes. Its them and others like them who are bringing out all this goodness in the world. And all of their good work doesn’t go unrewarded. Have you noticed how other people come up to help them out once they start out such a venture?”

“So this is where my belief stems from – can you convince me otherwise?” I challenged them while they just shook their head at me in mock surrender.

What say you peeps? Do you believe in goodness? Whats your thought on good Samaritans?

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22 thoughts on “I believe in Santa Klaus

  1. Humankind is a puzzle. We are capable of the greatest evil, but also the greatest gift. Yesterday, on a U.S. news program, we were taught about an award given annually to someone who saved a life or lives despite putting their own lives into the greatest peril. Every year, there are plenty of nominations.

    1. Oh yes Alana – this is another instance of selfless goodness and it being rewarded too; I feel there are angels all around us – we just need to let go of our cynicism a bit 🙂

  2. You have me convinced. I am going to tell kids that Santa Claus is real and they need to be good. I have never thought out this way before. Kudos to all the good people in the world who has kept alive our faith in humanity 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Raj- glad to change your point of view 😉 Goodness feels so humbling especially when I see it all around me.

  3. Nice thought, I do believe in ‘doing good’ and that, ‘goodness will follow’. It’s what goes around comes around. But, yes there are many Sanata’s who reach out whole heartedly when i need!

  4. I agree that there are lot of good people around who are doing good deeds and helping others. Only problem is when people don’t want to see goodness in others but just the negatives and faults. Santas do exist but only visible to few. 🙂

    1. True that Deepa- some people are negative and see it in everything and everyone. But the Santas make it worthwhile – always!!!!

  5. Yes i believe in goodness & know that santa claus occurs in form or another ,& I always try to be santa for others in every possible way & the same blessings & support i get back 🙂

  6. That is a nice thought, Shalini! The more I read your post, the more I agree on it (yes, I did read it a couple of times before I shared and commented on it:)
    Anything that makes us positive and do good is a thought worth believing in, so yes I believe in Santa too, and not only around Christmas time:)
    Keep writing!

    1. muaah muaaah Mayuri- thanks so much for such a lovely comment. You have no idea how much you encourage and inspire me to write and everytime your comment lifts me higher. Thank you so much for it my sweetness.
      Yes I believe in this thought from the bottom of my heart- there are angels, santa klaus, good samaritans and what have you everywhere. I have found people to guide me at my lowest and over tiniest of things.
      Thank you so much for sharing your belief with mine.

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