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#FridayFotoFiction: Caged Forever

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Caged forever 

Crowd thronged, lunging for preferred elixir

Music thundered, dancers swaying over each other

He perused, women looking like exotic creatures

They entered, twin made up wonder

He offered, potency in a glass full of colour

They accepted, falling for his allure

Dazzled, world spun in a maze of wonder

Light headed, they made a surrender

He proffered, holding them in light embrace

They leaned, inhaling comfort in his fragrance

Gong sounded, waking them out of deep slumber

Imprisoned, fleeing their cage looked asunder

He smiled, proposing a future of gilt and glamour

Caged forever, burning in a life of clamour.

There are thousands of women who are kidnapped and forced into prostitution the world over. The laws to protect women and such happenstance are full of complicated loopholes and not much is ever done to recover these women. Whats your opinion of sex trafficking and the laws made to protect it?

I am writing daily this month as a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is my post for day 22.

Linking up with #FridayFotoFiction Week#9 where every week a new photo prompt is given out by Mayuri and Tina which is to be correlated with a 100 word post.

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34 thoughts on “#FridayFotoFiction: Caged Forever

  1. It is one of the worst faces of human greed…..a tragedy of civilization….a powerful poem depicting the heartlessness of the hunter and the anguish of the ‘caged’ ‘birds’/women….

  2. Sex trafficking is so wrong and unfortunately it is happening in many countries including the United States. While something has to be done to stop it, I don’t know the answers. I do know you have a beautiful photo.

    1. I agree Martha. I wish I had a magic wand to wave it away from this world. It’s a horrific reality to be faced with for a woman.
      The picture is part of the prompt given for the challenge. ☺

  3. Am a bit confused with the lines
    Gong sounded, waking them out of deep slumber

    Imprisoned, fleeing their cage looked asunder

    He smiled, proposing a future of gilt and glamour

    Who is fleeing the cage? And what is the gong that sounded?

    How does the cage look asunder?

    1. Let me try an explain my lines (hope i am able to)
      Gong sounded…. They had been drugged n bought back to the hunters den which is now their prison. The gong represents a loud sound / click chimes to denote time moved n it was time to wake them up
      Imprisoned….. They realised they were trapped by the man they met kast night who had evidently drugged them n now they didn’t know where they were n how to get out of here- that’s why escape looked asunder/impossible
      The den is a cage for the two girls and they want to escape it but can’t for obvious reasons.

      I hope this helps Raj – love to hear back from you
      Thank you for digging so deep into my lines.

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