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My Book Bingo 2017

A Book Bingo is a take on the popular grid game (usually printed in 5×5 squares on a piece of paper) which is generally played with numbers; here numbers are substituted by names of books.

The idea behind a Book Bingo is to generate a reading list for the year wherein varied genres, authors, languages, etc can be explored in one year and each square gets a unique book prompt/clue.

A bingo board is normally of 5×5 square grid and total comes to 25. I have created a Bingo Board of 36 squares as I have a reading list of 40 books to read this year. (fingers crossed)




So my to be read list has been set in accordance to this board and looks something like this. You could read about my blog post on that here


How about it? Join in me in this reading challenge of mine for 2017 – you can also join my book club on Facebook here : In my good books

Linking up this post for Day #4 of theΒ Ultimate Blog Challenge

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18 thoughts on “My Book Bingo 2017

  1. 40 books in a year…that is almost 3-4 books a month…wow…enriching experience…I don’t know if I can commit to such a large number – there is already so much to read in magazines, web articles, newspapers etc. Kudos that you find the time to read these books as well. Looking forward to reading more such posts as part of UBC.

    Here is what I wrote recently. Do take a look and let me know…

    1. Wow! you read online articles and all too? I am impressed as I find that boring – I have to have the book in my hand to read; ni kindle for me. I didnt really like the e book versions πŸ˜‰
      I will be posting my book reviews regulalry – do keep looking up my blog!! Cheers

    1. Thanks Deepa – come read with me! I know about time yaar; thats why split my books early in the year so that I can read with a list in hand!

  2. Now you are making me feel bad that I got whole bunch of ebooks… sigh this collage of books look so beautiful… I think I will buy some just to look at them πŸ˜€ I have never done a book bingo before, let me see if I can do it this year πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks Raj- I just love books.. I have had peeps tell me that I am mad to spend so much on books when I can buy e versions; I just cant read an ebook πŸ˜‰ And I can never have enough books!

  3. How cool is this! Think of all the books I would finally read. I would have to include articles too cause really…that is alot of But i totally love this idea. Your website is so diverse and I just love it!

    1. Wow Annette, thanks so much fir making my day today…
      I look forward to checking out your reading list and pls do share the articles you read…

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