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#BookView – Slaying that TBR Challenge 2020

Soumya & I bring to you an exciting reading challenge for the 2020 to get you cracking down on that ever building up TBR of yours. Get out all of your unread books and match them against our prompts to help you read some of those unread books. See you at the sign up!!… Read More #BookView – Slaying that TBR Challenge 2020

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#BookReview – One Half from the East by Nadia Hashimi

Book Review of a book by Nadia Hashimi and set in Afghanistan and explores the concept of Bacha posh where a pre teen girl is dressed up as a boy and taught to be one too.… Read More #BookReview – One Half from the East by Nadia Hashimi


Book Chronicles – TBR 2017

  Every year I sign up quite eagerly for the Goodreads and HT Brunch ‘s reading challenges and nominate a number of books to read in the year. Its more to egg myself on than anything else. Last years reading score was pretty dismal as somehow I lost steam midway in the year and ended… Read More Book Chronicles – TBR 2017

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My Book Bingo 2017

A Book Bingo is a take on the popular grid game (usually printed in 5×5 squares on a piece of paper) which is generally played with numbers; here numbers are substituted by names of books. The idea behind a Book Bingo is to generate a reading list for the year wherein varied genres, authors, languages,… Read More My Book Bingo 2017

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#TBR : To-Be-Read 2017

#TBR First day of the year and its typical for book aficionados to sign up for a book reading challenge with any of the popular book blogs / clubs where they would affirm to read a particular number of books in one year as per the challenge ascribed by the book club – 24, 50,… Read More #TBR : To-Be-Read 2017