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#TBR : To-Be-Read 2017


First day of the year and its typical for book aficionados to sign up for a book reading challenge with any of the popular book blogs / clubs where they would affirm to read a particular number of books in one year as per the challenge ascribed by the book club – 24, 50, 100……. It’s also the time when peeps do a run over on their #TBR or to-be-read book list of theirs.

I had been doing the same for past three years and failed last year to reach my goal. I think I took up a lot last year and my reading suffered as a result. So have decided to not sign up to any of the reading challenges this year but make a pact of my own to myself as I bought a lot of books last year plus got another tonne in gifts.

I pulled out all the unread books on my shelf and went through them to figure out which ones I will read this year. I also thought long and hard about how many books is too many to read in a year. So if I say 3 books to read in a month, that make is 36 books in the entire year. But then some books might be too thin and finish up quickly or else I might go on some travels that will let me finish books back to back in a day (yeah, my reading is pretty fast).

Decided to round it up to 40!!

I just divided the entire 40 into 12 months and fingers crossed for completing this list plus I solemnly swear I will not let myself be seduced by book sales this year or new books to be borrowed or even ask for books for birthday!!! So here goes……

January 2017



February 2017


March 2017


April 2017


May 2017


June 2017


July 2017


August 2017


September 2017


October 2017


November 2017


December 2017



So this is my entire 40 for 2017 and may I get through it diligently and honestly!

How about sharing your #TBR or book reading challenge with me?

I have signed up for Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and am starting with this as my first post.

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28 thoughts on “#TBR : To-Be-Read 2017

  1. As of now I am still drafting my 2017 goals post, but I can relate to what you have mentioned here.

    I took on a lot in 2016 too, and have decided to pare down my ambitious goals for 2017.

    My number goal for 2017 is 35 books. Challenges – still in the drafting stage. 🙂

    1. Thanks Shantala- share yours too as I love to peek into others TBR – gives me ideas! I loved your book bingo post- shall try to vary my reading list a bit and view it through that as well! Cheers

    1. Thanks so much Lata – I plan to do just that. I have started a book section on my blog from this year and plan to update there – so stay tuned!! Cheers

    1. Thanks Ramya – would love to see what you are reading, so do share if you can! I love to peek into other peeps reading list as it gives me great ideas!! Cheers and a very happy new year to you!

  2. Would you believe I signed up for UBC too.Loved your TBR it’s a great one.Will soon share mine.
    The books look inviting .
    Have a gorgeous new year and keep giving us wonderful ideas

    1. Yay for UBC- let me head over to your blog and chk out your post.
      Yes lets keep exchanging ideas – thank you for being so so appreciative of my ideas. I shall try and live upto the praise 🙂 Cheers

    1. Thanks so much Bushra – I am extremely possessive about my books! Planning to do a bingo board for my book reads for this year!! Look out for that post too in a bit

  3. To-Be-Read piles are our mini-libraries. They’re a cheerful mess on our bedside tables. They’re an irresistible pick-me-up at the end of a long day. They’re tangible evidence of all the worlds that wait for us between the pages.

  4. Whoa you are all set. And these are pretty interesting reads. Shouldn’t the header say 2017 🙂 I have downloaded a whole collection of Agatha Christie and James Patterson… my number is 60 this year. It was only later I realized that that means 5 per month. Let me see how that works out.

    1. Hey there – thanks for the suggestion; changed it to add 2017 😉
      Wow! you are all set to make it a crime fiction year – all t he best with that. And yeah your number sounds fantastically big but you never know…. give it your best shot!

  5. OMG!!! This is so amazing! I love all your picks, have read only 3 of the lot! Will be following you through this journey, do keep updating at the end of the month.

    1. Thanks so much Aditi- so good to have you back. I have added a BOOK section on my blog starting this year- stay tuned to that as I will be posting on that all year around and yes reviews of all the books I will be reading. I have also created a book bingo – chk out its todays posting ( I am writing daily with UBC) You could sign into that to read with me!! Cheers

  6. Add almost all these books to my TBR list! It’s great to see that you have already planned out the books you will be reading every month. I’ve just set a random goal for each month (50 books this year), and hope to hell that I get some amazing books my way 🙂

    All the best, and do keep all of us readers posted about these books!

    1. Thanks Mithila.You have made me super happy by loving my TBR so much. 50 books is awesome – May the force be with you on this!! 😉
      I exchange books from my bookshelf – ones I have read and wish to pass on to other peeps who love to read and wanna do the same. Keep that in mind and you could also join my FB book club to stay in the book chain – you never know!!! 🙂

    1. thanks M – I am so very possessive about my books…. I am hoping to make my goals this year as last year I simply wasnt able to!

  7. You managed to read so many books! It has been ages since I picked one . Seriously reading is literally the last thing on my mind, maybe once I retire 😉
    And when I do I would surely borrow this stunning idea of yours. Every month is so beautifully captured .. esp the winters with a muffler ! Loved the spread and the bookmark collection you have is envy worthy .
    Have fun drawing up your 2017 list and keep posting these sumptuous updates..

    1. Hey Chandni these are my to be read list- still to make a dent in them in 2017..
      Thanks for appreciating the pic styling and yeah my booksmarks- I just adore bookmarks!!
      I will be reading and reviewing and posting about this list all the year around; have started a book column on my blog now. So stay tuned for more

  8. That’s a great list and having read some books from there, I know you will have a great time. I have a goal of 30 this year and my TBR list keeps on growing. I am currently on book #3, Two by Two by Nichola Sparks 🙂

    1. Thanks tonne Parul – you have been missing in action. Hope the new years was good for you.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence on the book list- I am hoping I get through it all this year. I am still on book #1 of the year so far!

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