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New Horizons



I am linking this post with Dew and Zainab for their #ClickandBlogAStory prompt every week where we have to post a picture and describe it in 140 characters with the topc New Horizons.

I look forward to hearing what my readers think of this post.

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Passionate about everything design, I am in love with photography, travel and baking. My writing journey was initiated with my letter writing hobby as a child and has metamorphosised into serious blogging. I indulge with reading fantasy fiction, day dreaming and sipping good wine.

24 thoughts on “New Horizons

    1. Happy new year to you to Bushra – thanks so much for having such a wonderful linky party!
      Thanks for liking it.

  1. Hope itself is a species of happiness, and, perhaps, the chief happiness which this world affords; but, like all other pleasures immoderately enjoyed, the excesses of hope must be expiated by pain. Loved your take on the challenge.

    1. Thanks so much NP – so happy to see you drop by and that reminds me I havent visted yours yet!!
      Yes hope is eternal and keeps us all going- so we would really do a favour to ourselves by keeping it alive!!

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