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Eat, Pray, Love !!!

When I first watched this movie – Eat, Pray, Love – some 6 years back, I simply couldn’t relate to it and dismissed it. The book was even worse and I couldn’t get past 4-5 pages. So that was that. Cut to 2016, a lot of emotional upheavals later, I caught the tail end of this… Read More Eat, Pray, Love !!!

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New Horizons

NEW HORIZONS I am linking this post with Dew and Zainab for their #ClickandBlogAStory prompt every week where we have to post a picture and describe it in 140 characters with the topc New Horizons. I look forward to hearing what my readers think of this post. This post has been linked up with the Ultimate… Read More New Horizons

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#NaBloPoMo: Day#3: Balance- Take on something that you avoid or hate

#NaBloPoMo Balance- Take on something that you avoid or hate The second card that I have pulled out of this deck today morning is about Balance which is all about – “Discipline is choosing between what you want NOW and what you want MOST” . It essentially was telling me to do something that I normally… Read More #NaBloPoMo: Day#3: Balance- Take on something that you avoid or hate

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#FridayFiction: Its your wifely duty!!!

#FridayFiction “Not tonight Kushal. I have my periods”, Ananya moaned sleepily. He continued kissing her. “Please Kushal”, Ananya protested. But he didn’t take any heed and pressed on with his affections. Ananya lay still in hope, and it worked when Kushal pushed her away roughly. “You are my wife”, he growled. “And I want you right now.” “Kushal… Read More #FridayFiction: Its your wifely duty!!!