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#ClickandBlogAStory: Journey of mine alone

Journey of mine alone


I thought I was traveling on a beaten old road

which had seen many travellers, young and old

But it was the journey of my life alone

which only I could undertake on my own

I thought I met a devil on the road of strife

leading me astray through temptations

But he was the angel of my life

making me aware of my expectations

I thought I had mountains to climb steep

All the way uphill without any sleep

But they were the challenges for me to meet

To come victorious through the feat

I thought the rocks were to weary my sole

Beat them to submission into a sorry role

But they were the troubles of my soul

Which I had to overcome, to not take a toll

I thought the clouds came to rain down the cold

Make me freeze into a snow-covered mould

But they were the climax of my story

Bringing me the rainbows of glory

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20 thoughts on “#ClickandBlogAStory: Journey of mine alone

  1. I love how your negatives become your positives in your life journey. Not many people see things this way and that’s what causes them strife. May you always journey safely.

    1. Wow Ramya- thank you so much for these words- you are quite a poetess and coming from you, this is very high praise!! 🙂

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