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#BookReview – The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

The Little Paris Bookshop came to me as a gift from a dear friend who had read and loved it so  much that she thought I would like it too. I cherish such treasures and assured her of savoring the book. For this is an absolutely sensuous book which deals with a love for books. If you do get around to reading it, then I hope you treat it so.… Read More #BookReview – The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

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#ClickandBlogAStory: Journey of mine alone

Journey of mine alone I thought I was traveling on a beaten old road which had seen many travellers, young and old But it was the journey of my life alone which only I could undertake on my own I thought I met a devil on the road of strife leading me astray through temptations But… Read More #ClickandBlogAStory: Journey of mine alone

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Banarasiya- the essence of Banaras!

          I was revolted at the sight of the holy city of Banaras during my visit in December 2013 – the garbage heaps, people spitting with gay abandon, peeing on roadsides with zero bashfulness, the dug up roads, and the stench; that god-awful stinking stench which just doesn’t seem to get… Read More Banarasiya- the essence of Banaras!

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Life is a journey

As I start a new blogging journey with #MyfriendAlexa campaign, it leads me I know not to where but I hope not to anything less than satisfaction. I looked around and could see other bloggers already into the gear of get go before the starting gun went off, and here I am still struggling to write about something.… Read More Life is a journey