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10 Day “You” Challenge – Seven Wants

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While growing up, I was seen as a difficult child by my peers and parents alike simply because I “wanted” to do things. My argument to-date with peeps is this : “do something because you want to do it and not because you Have to do it!” There is joy and passion in the want while the have to comes from compulsion and dread. But no matter how many times I may say it/explain it- this only seems to strengthen their belief that I am too wilful!

I give a damn for such peeps and stick to my attitude and belief of wanting to do things and having wants in my life, free of guilt! Presenting to you my top Seven wants in this life :

  1. I want romance replete with switzerland, long drives, chocolates, cheese and wine!! [Did someone say DDLJ!?! 😉 ] 
  2. I want to live on a mountain top with fruit trees in my backyard, grow my own veggies and have some dogs, cats and loads of free birds that come to feed on the grains I put out every day and butterflies dancing around the garden whole day long while I laze in a hammock with a book and a cup of my favourite tea.
  3. The walls in my house to be made of books; rather they be bookshelves on both sides – Yeah I love to buy books, collect them and bury my nose in them as I love the smell of paper and ink while reading.
  4. As a child I have dreamt of wanting to learn to play the piano and the sitar but so far this hasnt come true at all but I hope that it will someday soon.
  5. I have a weakness for blossoms – cherry, apple, almond, peach – I simply adore the sight of a tree bursting with the tiny flowers which would one day turn into a delicious fruit. I want to visit Japan or Australia or New york to see the Cherry trees blooming. Whenever I have seen the pics, I have gone insanely mad!
  6. I want to own a bookstore cum cafe cum performance space/gallery  of my own where I will curate books, tell stories, cook food and promote talented people to come up in their fields of art.
  7. I want to dye my hair Pink – like a deep magenta pink. So I am waiting for all of my hair to turn snow-white! Sigh! its been a long wait so far as people younger than me seem to be having far more white hair than me!

There you go…. my top 7 wants from the heart for you to say you know me somewhat. So what are  your wants from this life or yourself ? Come on share some – it will be fun to know you some more!

Linking up this post for Day #12 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

This blog challenge has been inspired from two bloggers Novembers Child & Mayurithank you ladies for inspiring me too. 
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12 thoughts on “10 Day “You” Challenge – Seven Wants

  1. I love your lists. One week this month I’m going to do this. Right now I’m just trying to get some sort of a rhythm going. I have had my hair purple, green, and pink, not all at once, and not a whole head, just some, although my hair is blonde. I quit doing the funky colors because it seems everyone is doing it and I wanted to be different. 🙂 Try bleaching the ends of your hair, and then dyeing them magenta. That would look good.

    1. Thanks so much Nita- I am loving doing this too! I would love to hear all about your lists too and hope you write them down the soonest!
      I have done that to my hair, it just washed off so so quickly! cheers

  2. My top wants:
    *to sleep through the whole night, every night
    *to sleep in on weekends
    *to toilet without an audience
    *to go a whole day with the kids playing nicely and not fighting
    *to have the bed to just myself and my husband, and not the kids
    *to be able to go into the kitchen without trails of “what are you eating? can I have some?”
    *a house that magically cleans itself so I don’t have to!

  3. Colouring hair magenta is a very interesting idea.ARe you sure that will go with your hilltop house and farming dream? I loved all your wants specially the one about walls made of books and a book cafe.Sounds amazing.

    1. Ha ha! I love pink ; so yeah I think it will be cool. Have done it on my existing hair too though not all over just the tips; looked very cool but washed off very quickly! Whenever these wants get fulfilled, you are most welcome to drop by my friend! 🙂

  4. Lovely list, Shalini! If only we could all have our wishes as our driving force in life..sigh! I’ve always been thinking like that but life has made me act otherwise. I can relate to every wish on that list, save for No. 7. :D. Love the cherry blossoms and the idea of bookshelves on both sides. But, pink hair..haha…not too sure of that one..would be very interesting to try out though!

    1. Please go ahead. Better still why not blog about it all in the 10 day challenge Milton! It would be great to have more peeps playing this challenge

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