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Tempering my nature

chrysanthmums-flowers-early-morning- temper-anger-balance-always-anyway-arrive-aspire-barwowe-ubc-tempering my natureTempering

When you arrive at conclusions just as I do after a fight

So sure in your arguments, because you believe you are always right

Know that words once spoken can’t go back

They stay etched in a heart, broken by slack

Aspire to find balance in your words n temper

Anyway and every way, always and forever

For a calm heart and mind find focus

Amongst the chaos of fight n fuss

It hones the perspective, filling it with energy

You find success with ease and honesty

Find your centre in acceptance

By stepping away from anger and menace

Aspire to find balance in your words and temper

Anyway and every way, always and forever!!!!


Linking up this post for Day #6 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

This post has been written for the #BARWOWE prompt |Aspire| Always |Anyway | Arrive|

chrysanthmums-flowers-early-morning- temper-anger-balance-always-anyway-arrive-aspire-barwowe-ubc-tempering my nature

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13 thoughts on “Tempering my nature

  1. So true.I usually think twice before I speak.But there have been many people whose words have hurt me.I am sure at least a few of them spoke at the spur of the moment and would be regretting what they said.Nice poem with well expressed thoughts!

    1. Thanks Subha! I know this looking before one speaks is so so important but so so difficult to do. All the best to you with that too.

  2. Beautiful words Shalzy, right now I am trying to find peace amidst so much chaos everywhere. The world would be a better place if people follow these golden words.
    P.S. Thanks for the wonderful gift and letter. It’s instagram worthy. Ill be posting that soon

  3. A calm annd focussed mind is a necessity. I lack behind in maintaining a serene composture these days. I need to work on it. Loved the idea put forward, Shalz 🙂

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