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10 Day “You” Challenge: Nine Loves!!

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Nine Loves

  1. Butterflies – those magnificent winged creatures with colours and patterns that tease the mind. How I love thee. I wish I was one – but I think my mind is …. like a butterfly I mean – constantly flitting from here to there – Which is why I have such a short attention span ( you only have to take one look at my CV to see how true this is). BTW I have butterfly printed bed sheets, dresses, scarves, Butterfly shaped – Ceramic jars, pen stands, magnets, book marks, earrings, key rings, belts, even flip-flops… Friends who know me well even find butterfly wrapping sheets when gifting me a present.
  2.  I love small gestures“ It’s the thought that counts”! I believe in this adage and follow it from my heart. No gift is right or wrong for me or big or small!!! I love surprises and wrapping paper too!!

  3. I am an INDOPHILE!! I love everything about India ( yes sceptics – I love my country – never mind the corruption, overpopulation, illiteracy, etc, etc) I love our traditions and love dressing on these occasions and applying mehindi, wearing colourful glass bangles, sarees and bindis….
  4. Movies – ah – the hot buttered popcorn, comfy seats and a good movie. It’s an all time stress buster for me; and if there is tonnes of good company, then even a no brainer movie is so much fun!! ( I have been recently told that it’s because of ppl like me the entertainment industry is surviving!!! – what can I say – I LOVE MOVIES!!!!)
  5.   I love collecting fridge magnets – I buy them wherever I go – pottery fair every year, from my travels, have asked friends to get me travel souvenirs, stationary shops and airports!
  6. Gulab Jamun – those succulent round delicacies just dripping with delight, dark and deep in colour– can NEVER resist them. Vanilla ice cream from Nirulas and dark chocolates with mint centres are the other two favourites.

  7. My love for tea is legendary in my family by now and how anal I am about brewing my perfect cup, perfectly and by myself. Yeah I am one of those who will only drink tea made by them; very few peeps in this world can make my cup to my satisfaction. Plus I collect tea on my sojourns to other places and stores.
  8. I love writing letters, have a fountain pen and purple ink, especially for this purpose. As a child I would pester my cousins to write back to me, much to their horror! Even today I yearn for a pen friend and always make it a point to put in a handwritten note on my gifts.
  9. I love pressing flowers – learnt this from my mother who is very arty crafty. Pansies are my favourite flowers to press as they retain most of their colour and shape after being in a book for days. Wild flowers are second to them. I use them to make cards and handwritten notes.

There you go…. my top 9 loves from the heart for you to know me better. Wait! this is just the tip of the iceberg – so don’t yet start thinking that you know me better. 

Linking up this post for Day #8 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

This blog challenge has been inspired from two bloggers Novembers Child & Mayurithank you ladies for inspiring me too. Tagging Amrita and Shalini2 bloggers whose deep dark secrets I would like to know too 😉

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18 thoughts on “10 Day “You” Challenge: Nine Loves!!

    1. Thanks Manisha… I am so much in love with Gulab Jamuns but not any other sweet so much as I dont have much of a sweet tooth. I am anal about the Gjam being very perfect BTW!!!

    1. Thank you Nita – nope no clue about the letter writing week. I have stopped writing due to 2-3 reasons, primarily being the one that people dont wanna write letters back to me as they prefer email which is faster and hassle free.

  1. Ah…someone else who likes refrigerator magnets! I rarely take a vacation without buying at least one. Perhaps you can give a tea-brewing lesson to your readers. It is rarely done right here in the United States.

    1. Ha ha Nice to know that Alana – I thought I was one of the very weird ones out over that.
      Tea brewing session – aha….. I feel its all about finding your brew and then taking the time out to figure out how you like it best- strong or light or just the flavour coming through… I feel its very personal to ones taste and preference

  2. I never heard of Gulab Jamun – I am going to have to look that up!

    What a great list of things that make your hear sing! This is a great reminder of the things that help us find joy in our lives!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Paul.
      Gulab Jamun is actually an Indian sweet – its quite popular and deilicious. We swear by it out here 😉
      I am loving being part of this 10 day challenge of revealing bit about me on it! Stay tuned for more

    1. Thanks Amrita. It’s my mom’s hobby which I guess I picked up n incorporated in my letter wrut8ng. So glad you liked the letter I sent.

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